852. Getting snowed in

So the weatherman says there is a slight chance of snow!  What a joyous treat for the holiday, that white fiend that always sneaks around.  We sometimes hush it by claiming it’ll never happen and sometimes it never does.  But nothing gets things more in fine shock than a blizzard of snow especially when you’re in an area like where I’m at that snow is just a treat.  You run outside and every store closes after 4 snowflakes hit the ground…social sites and picture blogs fill with the various snow play pictures and then it hits you…

the snow begins to fall….

and fall….

and fall creating a fort of snow that will cause only a pioneer bulldozer of a jeep/truck to dig through the muck.  Cars stranded on the side of the road, frozen in fear since the roads are more impassable by the hour.  So as you sit there “bored” trying to figure out what to do the hours slowly drain by.  What did they do before the internet?  Read books….write actual letters to people….play NES….actually call someone and talk to them…the sheer horror!  Nothing to do but idly wait until the snow melts and the roads are safe…how awfully cold it is to be blown into a white slumber!

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