851. Pushing your cart of groceries in the snow

After seeing this I should have got a hint!

It’s one thing to go get your groceries, but after a major snowstorm you’d figure a basket was enough.  Filling it up beyond the basket should have been the sign when I had to turn back outside to get a cart from the store.  Happily filling up my basket the bags piled in the cart.  Once stepping outside the light slush made it passable until I felt like a mule on the Oregon Trail slushing and sliding and pushing this winky dinky cart to my car.  I enjoyed how the onlookers walked by not offering to help but to comment, hmm.. maybe it needs all terrain wheels.

Thankfully I found a patch of snow cleared parking lot.  Thanks snow-covered ground, thanks full cart, and thanks for the awful commentary!  Hope you get a cart full of groceries.  Now much onward to my home!

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