850. Getting in a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids

There’s no mercy…just war!

A quick walk out in the snow has it’s perks!  Just to gander at the white blanket of nature’s bliss! To get the load of mail that the mailmen left!  To check the damage of snow on your car that has to be shoveled in the morning!  To watch your friends or kids make snow families!

As you take a few minutes to take a look at the precious snow wonders – PLAT!  Snowball to the back of your shoulder!  Grab a snowball, cause the war has begun!  Nothing is better than the sweet revenge for little Kaleb who tore up your back porch swing this past summer because he thought it was a rocket that would sail him off to the moon!  Here comes a snowball orbiting right to his head now!

Score one for the team, score two for the red blistering pain he’ll get crying back home – awfully enticing snowball pitch!

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One Response to 850. Getting in a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids

  1. Snowball fights are awesome! I can remember one which started like above but continued for the rest of winter. Every time you went outside you would have to watch for the neighbors snowballs! It was heaps of fun.

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