837. Catching a person in line with more than 12 items in the express lane

You know you are ready to get a jug of milk, bread, and eggs, when grandma over here decides she’s going to buy everything in aisle 4 and try to curiously walk in the express lane.  Now she’s what 80?!  I just have 2 items, can’t she let me go ahead I saw her looking back and smiling.  She’ll probably lay every item down slowly and slam down the divider.  She knows way better than to be in that line I bet she was there when they had the grand opening of the store, but why on Earth is she in this line?  She can’t play the oops I didn’t know card, I just want my cookies and milk and ..oh look they have a new Orbitz gum flavor!!

How awfully more than 12 items cart stuffed is that?!


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