829. That ubexpected random spray of freshner

Whether if it’s in your office lobby, home, or restaurant bathroom it’s the air freshner dispenser that’s mounted to the wall and sprays a fragrant smell to lift your spirits of the decay of the space that you’re in, but it’s moments when it spritzes out when you have no control.  The bad part is that it isn’t a light mist that’s silent and you wonder where the scent came from, but it’s that spray that’s somewhat loud and unexpected.  At times it catch you off guard and when you wait for it you never expect it coming.
There have been many times when I’m in the lobby at work not to expect for it to go off.  I just get shaken up easily.  The worst is when you’re in the bathroom and the other person in there can’t help but think you passed gas.  It just is  great handy invention but it doesn’t need to be so random.
. . ~ ~ ~ > PPPSSFFWWTT!!!
Just awfully smelling good!

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