826. That akward tour at a friends house

Come on in!

Glad you could make it!

Would you like something to drink?


Let me show you around…

It’s happened to the best of us.  Let me show you my living room, my laundry room, the guest bedroom, the temple for my dog room, the basement, the attic, the pantry, the walk in closet, the utility closet, the baby’s room, the laundry chute, the extra add on kitchen upstairs…well although it is nice to know the essential rest room location.

Is it that necessary to show me every single room with an explanation of each room?

I have always wondered why people did that was it to show off?

Are you inviting me to babysit your kids?

Was it to help me plan my escape route in case you’re insane?

If you’re the lazy type just tell people just be comfortable and look around.  But the explanation of what each room is I just find it pretty funny.  Who’d guess that a fridge is in the kitchen … I thought it was the laundry room!

Guess I’m not going to the bathroom there!

Awfully misguiding!

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