In a compliment towards Neil Pasricha’s 1000 Awesome Things where he celebrated the joys of life comes the antithesis 0001 Awful Thing(s). celebrating the woes of life.*

Not that life is all a jumble or a matter of sadness, there’s just moments of awkwardness and think – Really?! did that just happen?!?

Join me as we count down from 1000 to 1 of all the silly, absurd, and insanely funky things in the lackluster outlook of life.  Only to really just take a deep breath where we just sit back , laugh, and think . o O (How awful is that?!)

General Precautionary Warning: Each post vary loosely on the life of  the author and topics of content vary in degree in subject matter.  Please be aware that some people may take offense to the nature of the material presented on this website and is not intended to offended so a aforementioned apology is stated in case that may occur.

This page gets updated weekly with posts and some followed by “Further Reading” as it relates to the subject matter.  The posts are created and listed in part of the submissions of various people’s chats, conversations, emails, and ideas presented to the author of this website.

Submission for ideas are greatly appreciated!! Please be aware that use of this website is for personal, non-commercial purposes. Copyright laws are placed into effect with usage and administration of the website.   Any other use of this site is expressly forbidden. The author of this website is free to use, adapt, alter, or ignore any comments/suggestions and are not required to acknowledge them in any form.

Buy the book now or read up on the 1000 Awesome Things by clicking on the book to the left.

* By no means is this a parody or mockery of Mr. Pasricha’s collaborative efforts, but just a companion guide to what is just the opposite of life we just seldom choose to recognize.

Further Reading from the Author:

* Project 30:10: An insider’s guide to VA’s Festivals & State Parks.


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  1. barrycyrus says:

    haha your blog’s really amusing!

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