824. Pulling the first part of toilet paper

So after successfully changing the roll comes the most delicate part of them all: the first tug at the roll of toilet paper.  It seems quite simple but let your eyes not fool you.  The first tug is a keen tug-o-war battle between you and the holy act of cleanliness!  It seems that no matter how lightly or forcefully you pull you can hardly make a simple separation from the roll.  At first it pulls at the first layer and it goes nowhere causing you to bunch it back up and retrying.  Pull again and the paper grabs the second layer…and the third layer.  As you pulling causing a long train of paper to pile up on the floor.  It just continues to pull and makes it worse pulling layer through layer.  After separating the train making a clean break from the roll, but you felt like you’ve pulled enough paper to create a birthday banner!  It should say “Good Luck” for successfully making aclean pull without destroying the roll.  Now with a tangled mess of TP on the counter – AWFUL!


827. Twist ties

Sure these neat little plastic ties hold air tight your breads and english muffins, maybe even your trash bag.  But forget about trying to unwrap the tie early in the morning if you over twisted the bind.  You end up spending a debate time of 2 minutes trying to figure out if you twisted left or right.  Then you have to pull the bag out in front to look hmm was it right I just twisted or left?  Did I just over or undertwist the bag?!  Forget it I’m getting scissors!


830. The broken glass in the sink


Washing the dishes has always been a chore.  When the sink fills up with dirty grimy plates, pots, and cups.  You fill the sink with warm water and start to pull apart the heavier dishes and only to hear the smash at the bottom of the sink because a glass cup fell.  You inspect the cup carefully only to find it cracked and broken.  It scares me the most when one time I tried doing that and the glass shard when up my hand causing a small gash.  So whatever you do lift the cups out first and set them aside before you start attacking the heavier items.  Set them to the side and clean.  No one wants to wash dishes to drain the water to find fingers at the bottom.  AWFULLY fingerless!

846. Trying to do things with gloves on

Trying to do just a few of any of the following things such as:

  • Checking text messages on your smart phone
  • Dialing on a cell phone
  • Getting the credit card out of your wallet
  • Fishing for the mint in your pocket
  • Picking your nose
  • Grabbing a paperclip off the ground

Not that you’d do all of them, but the inonvenience of having to stop.  Take off the glove. Perform the action/task. Then put the glove back on is just monotonous and can be quite a tricky hassle.  Sure put fingerless gloves on, but it’ll make your fingers cold on snowy days.  Eh, oh well.  How awful!

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851. Pushing your cart of groceries in the snow

After seeing this I should have got a hint!

It’s one thing to go get your groceries, but after a major snowstorm you’d figure a basket was enough.  Filling it up beyond the basket should have been the sign when I had to turn back outside to get a cart from the store.  Happily filling up my basket the bags piled in the cart.  Once stepping outside the light slush made it passable until I felt like a mule on the Oregon Trail slushing and sliding and pushing this winky dinky cart to my car.  I enjoyed how the onlookers walked by not offering to help but to comment, hmm.. maybe it needs all terrain wheels.

Thankfully I found a patch of snow cleared parking lot.  Thanks snow-covered ground, thanks full cart, and thanks for the awful commentary!  Hope you get a cart full of groceries.  Now much onward to my home!

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853. Wrapping Gifts

As the holiday approaches or any special occasion where gifts are bought in masses, just piling them up is great until you have a stash as tall as Mt Everest and then have to wrap those suckers up.  Some gifts are just so oddly shaped that you have to fold the wrapping paper in ways that no origami book could easily explain.  Then you have some of the gifts that after you’re done you realize that after you are done you were short a spot and left a clear spot open – improvise with a bow or ribbon!

Running out of paper and tape is just even more befuddling when you are in a groove and then as you are just assembly lining up the gifts then you just realize oops now I’m at the tube.   Cheap wrapping paper tears worse than a used dollar tree tissue pack and the fancy scotch tape that invisible when you set it down, well forget finding it once it’s laid.  So if you’re on your day to “wrap” hopefully you’ll have your supplies in well stock and some gift bags and tissue paper handy cause it’ll be a mission to be had.

When you’re done you’ll stand back and smile.. then realize how awful one wrapping job turned out because Muffins the cat wanted to rip open one after you were finished laying them out under the tree!

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855: Detangling your Holiday Lights

You set aside a day to get out the ladder, put on your rugged wear, grab your gloves, and draw up a master plan to neatly decorate the yard.  As you gather the lights and spend 10 minutes detangling the mass chaos that are the string of lights you start laying out the grand scheme design.  After a an hour or so you’re done!  As you stand back and relish your hard work you then smile and go to plug-in the lights! Half of them turn on and notice that there’s still a small knot of lights you forgot to unravel!!  How awfully disconnected are you feeling now?!