823. Still forgetting to write the new year down after forgetting about the same mistake last year…

Did you forget again that it’s a new year, no 2010, 2011, 2012, let’s just say that the last decade is clearly over, so yes it’s 2013, so remember to make sure to write down the new year!  The best part is when you have to pause and think about the year for a second and then write it down.  Then when you’re done for a split second you think you wrote it down wrong and there’s a cloud of self doubt.  In any case I hope everyone had a safe New Year!

Welcome lucky year 12 … I mean 13!



831. Going overdressed to a party

Nothing says inconvenient like going to a party all dolled up when everyone is in short shorts, flip flops, and a tank top.  A pool party, I though you said prom party.  You just end up walking around surveying the scene hoping that you are just imaging the atrocity, but it’s right floaties and margaritas abound you are definitely a bit overloaded with cummerbund and bow-tie.  Might as well go back to the car and roll up those, take off the blazer, pants and loosen up your white shirt.  Things are about to get a little cooler.

AWFUL attire!

836. Missing the new movie trailers

I’ve always enjoyed going to the theater and watching the previews for upcoming movie releases.  It’s just bad when you walk into the theater and you hear people cheering for a new movie or a friend has told you about a trailer you missed because you went to go get popcorn at the concessions stand.  Then you have to hear about the trailer after everyone has finished watching the movie or from your co-workers the very next day.  Nevermind looking for it online because it isn’t available yet.

How awful is it to miss a thing like that? Coming to a theater near you!

842. Making Up Snow Days at School

Well as we all enjoy a great day of snow, romping and playing around and not having to go back to school…the reality is you’ll have to make it up sometime later in the school year.  We found out today that they’re changing the Early School Release Day to a different day (a previously scheduled day off) and now making it a half day and the previous half day now a full day of school.  Phew!  Technical huh?  The high schoolers fairing off a bit more crazier seeing as they have almost a week full of half days and they are making it up almost the next few days at the end of this month.

So although it is exciting to see that the weatherman predicts several inches of snow, it isn’t exciting knowing you’ll have to make it up later on and at some time that’s the most inconvenient for you.  Oh well, not much we can do there about that since it’s more of a school board decision.


847. Happy New Year! I’m bored now…

So after all of the winter holiday hype is over: Christmas Channukah, Kwanzaa (don’t forget we still have 3 King’s Day Jan. 6th!!) and New Year’s Eve, now for most it’s just fell short into a new year of resolutions and just excitement that makes you want to have a long winter’s nap and for some children that are just dreading the near return back to school from winter vacation the “b”word of boredom starts to emerge.

What do you do now that new year has come in and you’ve burned up the excitement of your holiday toys…..any ideas?!   Just sitting in the room and looking out the window letting out a long sigh….ughhhhhhhhhhhhh……..how awfully boring!!