827. Twist ties

Sure these neat little plastic ties hold air tight your breads and english muffins, maybe even your trash bag.  But forget about trying to unwrap the tie early in the morning if you over twisted the bind.  You end up spending a debate time of 2 minutes trying to figure out if you twisted left or right.  Then you have to pull the bag out in front to look hmm was it right I just twisted or left?  Did I just over or undertwist the bag?!  Forget it I’m getting scissors!



828. That person who stares at your plate and asks,”What’s that?!”

green sauce

Left over dinner?

Bringing a covered dish to a potluck?

That next item you dare not to try figure out that gurgles in the buffet line…

Everyone loves a great meal especially when you have a fresh hot meal of food, but I’m not sure I know of anyone who enjoys people chewing over their food asking rudely, “What’s Thaaaaaat?!!”  Then expect either “Oh,” or a 5 minute story banter of how their family member makes it better than what is being served.

So instead of asking, just eat it and enjoy your meal!

What’s that you ask…something AWFUL!


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835. When someone leaves a few seconds left on the microwave

You know you’re waiting to heat up your sandwich and there it is that 14 / 10/ 2 seconds left sitting there staring at you in the eyes.  How do numbers stare at you?!  They do, trust they do.  That evil green matrix style numbers eating at your soul when they lay there on the microwave display screen because SOMEONE forgot to clear the screen back to “0”.  Just stop doing it!

How awfully 14 annoying is that?!

837. Catching a person in line with more than 12 items in the express lane

You know you are ready to get a jug of milk, bread, and eggs, when grandma over here decides she’s going to buy everything in aisle 4 and try to curiously walk in the express lane.  Now she’s what 80?!  I just have 2 items, can’t she let me go ahead I saw her looking back and smiling.  She’ll probably lay every item down slowly and slam down the divider.  She knows way better than to be in that line I bet she was there when they had the grand opening of the store, but why on Earth is she in this line?  She can’t play the oops I didn’t know card, I just want my cookies and milk and ..oh look they have a new Orbitz gum flavor!!

How awfully more than 12 items cart stuffed is that?!

838. Going in the grovery store to buy one thing, except…

You need just milk, bread, and yarn…have a craft project that I have to finish, give me credit here!  But that is until when you go you end up buying half of the left side of the store! How awfully unnecessary are 89% of the things in your cart are there?


840. Burnt mini bags of popcorn

Just when you think you got the perfect time down right with the regular bags come the newfound mini bags!  Throw them suckers in the microwave one second too long and it’ll just happen to pilfer out a cinging scent, yup – just tared and smudged all over – that black smoldering taste of grit!


863. Silent Lunch


Go to fullsize imageOne more strike and its silent lunch for you!

Whether it’s the traffic light that buzzed loudly to tell everyone to calm down, the cafeteria monitor to shush you to keep things calm down, or the one person who moderated the lunch table to make sure a teacher wouldn’t come down to scold everyone about their noisy antics.

Who enjoys sitting in silence and being stared down?!  Not I.  I think it was just a predecessor to the next game where who could get who to laugh at the table so they could get detention to not following the rules.  Even moreso someone will drop their fork and then everyone get the stare down for create a ruckus!

The silent torture drove us to points of our mental strains that exercised patience and the ultimate will to see who could push the limit before they busted out laughing.  Now how awfully quiet is that?

Idea contributed by: Andy G.