825. Payphones

Does anyone use these anymore?  Let alone carry enough change to make a phone call?  With plastic money and people barely wanting to carry change in their pocket, why bother?  Most of the population has a cell phone or are within a few feet of a person that at least has one?

Even when you have the time to find one and gather the necessary change and walk over to the booth, then something comes to mind. What is their number?  Having it stored on a cell phone or just jotting it down on a slip of paper is a useless point now…. Awful!

832. Walking into a hard corner


Ever get up from the TV at night to grab a glass of milk and cookies and on the walk back misguided your steps back and walked into the hard edge of the coffee table?  That searing pain as you jab the corner into your shin.  It sits there and pangs and throbs for about an hour.  How about what happened to me yesterday…I was walking out of the public restroom, the door being heavy to open I pry open with my elbow.  As I toss out the paper with that hand and catching the door..I walk into the door jabbing my forearm into the door handle that jutted out.  The very next day a round bump on my arm and a swollen pain the seared up my arm like I was carrying a 50 lb weight all day.  Final point on the way to the bathroom, you return back to walk into the corner of the bedpost to knick your knee.  So in the end just be careful walking and try not to bump into anything…..AWFUL!

834. Finding that first gray hair


So every morning before departing to work you brush your teeth, you wash your face, you check yourself over lean in for a closer look then there it is…how can it be?  A gray hair, but I’m only 27?  Nooo you have to be kidding me, you try…

* Closing the mini blind yeah it’s the morning sun…no still white looking

* It”s dust I’ll brush it off, nope still there…

* It’s too many light on in the bathroom, go in the dim lit bedroom and look in the vanity mirror, yeah it’s definitely gray…

Grr no tweezers – oh well.

Now how awfully shady is that?!

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841. Taking down and packing away holiday decorations

Finally, the new year has settled in and the hype of the winter holidays are over.  We are finishing off the first week into the new year and the glimmer and excitement of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, New year’s, & Three King’s Day are all over…so as most would tend to put away their holiday decor either the day after Christmas or New Year’s, I wait till after Jan. 6th.  In part because it’s the lasting touch of the new year’s light and Three King’s Day.  What holiday is that?! – take a look here We Wise Merry Men.

However, the distressing part comes when you have to take down the tree and pack away all the decor; grab the boxes and start taking it all down!  Finding extra spaces for the newly accumulated ornaments, the new linen, and also having to take down the lights off the roof, trees, and off the mantle.  It can be quite a laborious task so go ahead and take your time this weekend and get to packing!


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845. Writing the old year down on paper


Did you forget the year has changed already?!

It’s quite an easy mistake when you’re swiftly writing out a check or filling out a form, just make sure not to do it again!

Happy NEW YEAR 2010 2011!

857: Facebook Disease

That infamous website where everyone seems to be craving every social session of our lives where we must know “what are we doing?’  Do we really need to know what you’re having for dinner?  or that you’re stuck in traffic? A post was added today by “theextinctexistentialist” bringing up a great point about a symptom called “facebook fatigue”, read about the droning symptoms of the fatigue and other hasty symptoms by clicking below…

* I think I have FB Fatigue, resuce me!

** I don’t have FB fatigue, you must be the crazy one!!

*** I think I love it, but I think I don’t am I seeing things?!!

**** I’m all better the symptoms are gone…or at least I think they are


860. Not voting

So you didn’t vote, I know I did.  Usually on non presidential years I just don’t but I’m surprised to see at how some just take the act so carelessly.  Thinking about this made me think of at least three good reasons not to vote and spend 5 minutes at the poll?!

3. Having to figure out where to vote: I know that year after year people move residences or have not altered their voting location, but it just seems that it becomes more of a burden remembering to re-file and then having the time to get where you need to go because you happen to remember last year’s location and remembered that your voter’s card has the new location which you left in the envelope.

2. No fuss over political propaganda:  There is no need for someone to stand there and hand me paper after paper on what a person’s view are especially if they are slamming their opponent.  They just need to post each candidate, what’s their standpoints are on topics, and just have it available at the poll.  Read the forms then choose.  Just facts no pushy promos just here’s what it is and no more stickers, buttons, and fireworks over the ordeal.

1.  The voting machine and sticker:   I give credit for the machine now having moved from paper to now electronic voting casts, but they need to be a bit more fun.  Why not a coca cola commercial or a McDonald’s commercial int between major sections of votes?!  I always like turning in my voting card and getting my sticker, but this year was the first ever I saw someone excited to five me their sticker and was thanked for voting.  In the past year people seemed bothered by the act.  I want my discount card like they gave out in elementary school for having voted.  Maybe a free sandwich at Chick-Fil-A or a can of black cherry vanilla coke (in ref to the commercial) something little and simple. 

So if you didn’t vote now you can keep quiet if you don’t like what’s going on politically.  Otherwise I’m happy with my sticker!  Awfully American!