824. Pulling the first part of toilet paper

So after successfully changing the roll comes the most delicate part of them all: the first tug at the roll of toilet paper.  It seems quite simple but let your eyes not fool you.  The first tug is a keen tug-o-war battle between you and the holy act of cleanliness!  It seems that no matter how lightly or forcefully you pull you can hardly make a simple separation from the roll.  At first it pulls at the first layer and it goes nowhere causing you to bunch it back up and retrying.  Pull again and the paper grabs the second layer…and the third layer.  As you pulling causing a long train of paper to pile up on the floor.  It just continues to pull and makes it worse pulling layer through layer.  After separating the train making a clean break from the roll, but you felt like you’ve pulled enough paper to create a birthday banner!  It should say “Good Luck” for successfully making aclean pull without destroying the roll.  Now with a tangled mess of TP on the counter – AWFUL!

826. That akward tour at a friends house

Come on in!

Glad you could make it!

Would you like something to drink?


Let me show you around…

It’s happened to the best of us.  Let me show you my living room, my laundry room, the guest bedroom, the temple for my dog room, the basement, the attic, the pantry, the walk in closet, the utility closet, the baby’s room, the laundry chute, the extra add on kitchen upstairs…well although it is nice to know the essential rest room location.

Is it that necessary to show me every single room with an explanation of each room?

I have always wondered why people did that was it to show off?

Are you inviting me to babysit your kids?

Was it to help me plan my escape route in case you’re insane?

If you’re the lazy type just tell people just be comfortable and look around.  But the explanation of what each room is I just find it pretty funny.  Who’d guess that a fridge is in the kitchen … I thought it was the laundry room!

Guess I’m not going to the bathroom there!

Awfully misguiding!

829. That ubexpected random spray of freshner

Whether if it’s in your office lobby, home, or restaurant bathroom it’s the air freshner dispenser that’s mounted to the wall and sprays a fragrant smell to lift your spirits of the decay of the space that you’re in, but it’s moments when it spritzes out when you have no control.  The bad part is that it isn’t a light mist that’s silent and you wonder where the scent came from, but it’s that spray that’s somewhat loud and unexpected.  At times it catch you off guard and when you wait for it you never expect it coming.
There have been many times when I’m in the lobby at work not to expect for it to go off.  I just get shaken up easily.  The worst is when you’re in the bathroom and the other person in there can’t help but think you passed gas.  It just is  great handy invention but it doesn’t need to be so random.
. . ~ ~ ~ > PPPSSFFWWTT!!!
Just awfully smelling good!

833. The mound of lint left in the dryer

What do you do with that?  I know you throw it away, but shouldn’t t hey just put belly buttons on dryers?  That’s what they do too!

It’s crazy to see what pounds of gunk is caught in there!  I think I should just give it to the cat she can roll around in it!  Maybe just stuff it in my grandma’s purse she can rub her hands against it she’s kinda cold natured!  What a mess…AWFUL!

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834. Finding that first gray hair


So every morning before departing to work you brush your teeth, you wash your face, you check yourself over lean in for a closer look then there it is…how can it be?  A gray hair, but I’m only 27?  Nooo you have to be kidding me, you try…

* Closing the mini blind yeah it’s the morning sun…no still white looking

* It”s dust I’ll brush it off, nope still there…

* It’s too many light on in the bathroom, go in the dim lit bedroom and look in the vanity mirror, yeah it’s definitely gray…

Grr no tweezers – oh well.

Now how awfully shady is that?!

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839: Red Marks Left on Your Face by Glasses

Tattooed Glasses

Hopefully it won't hurt this bad!

Well although these may come as complications it’s even harder when you readjust the frame to hold at a better grip to your face.  Then you’re off doing al your day’s chores, events, and tasks and then you come home throw down your keys and plop on the couch and take your glasses off.  The searing pain from the glasses weigh in on your face and you hold the spot by the bridge of your nose.  By pinching, we’re enforcing the impressions left by the glasses.  Walking into the bathroom we stand there to wash our face and see the marks left behind as they stare back at you, yup those marks left by the glasses.  Hello, look at me!


840. Burnt mini bags of popcorn

Just when you think you got the perfect time down right with the regular bags come the newfound mini bags!  Throw them suckers in the microwave one second too long and it’ll just happen to pilfer out a cinging scent, yup – just tared and smudged all over – that black smoldering taste of grit!