860. Not voting

So you didn’t vote, I know I did.  Usually on non presidential years I just don’t but I’m surprised to see at how some just take the act so carelessly.  Thinking about this made me think of at least three good reasons not to vote and spend 5 minutes at the poll?!

3. Having to figure out where to vote: I know that year after year people move residences or have not altered their voting location, but it just seems that it becomes more of a burden remembering to re-file and then having the time to get where you need to go because you happen to remember last year’s location and remembered that your voter’s card has the new location which you left in the envelope.

2. No fuss over political propaganda:  There is no need for someone to stand there and hand me paper after paper on what a person’s view are especially if they are slamming their opponent.  They just need to post each candidate, what’s their standpoints are on topics, and just have it available at the poll.  Read the forms then choose.  Just facts no pushy promos just here’s what it is and no more stickers, buttons, and fireworks over the ordeal.

1.  The voting machine and sticker:   I give credit for the machine now having moved from paper to now electronic voting casts, but they need to be a bit more fun.  Why not a coca cola commercial or a McDonald’s commercial int between major sections of votes?!  I always like turning in my voting card and getting my sticker, but this year was the first ever I saw someone excited to five me their sticker and was thanked for voting.  In the past year people seemed bothered by the act.  I want my discount card like they gave out in elementary school for having voted.  Maybe a free sandwich at Chick-Fil-A or a can of black cherry vanilla coke (in ref to the commercial) something little and simple. 

So if you didn’t vote now you can keep quiet if you don’t like what’s going on politically.  Otherwise I’m happy with my sticker!  Awfully American!