829. That ubexpected random spray of freshner

Whether if it’s in your office lobby, home, or restaurant bathroom it’s the air freshner dispenser that’s mounted to the wall and sprays a fragrant smell to lift your spirits of the decay of the space that you’re in, but it’s moments when it spritzes out when you have no control.  The bad part is that it isn’t a light mist that’s silent and you wonder where the scent came from, but it’s that spray that’s somewhat loud and unexpected.  At times it catch you off guard and when you wait for it you never expect it coming.
There have been many times when I’m in the lobby at work not to expect for it to go off.  I just get shaken up easily.  The worst is when you’re in the bathroom and the other person in there can’t help but think you passed gas.  It just is  great handy invention but it doesn’t need to be so random.
. . ~ ~ ~ > PPPSSFFWWTT!!!
Just awfully smelling good!

832. Walking into a hard corner


Ever get up from the TV at night to grab a glass of milk and cookies and on the walk back misguided your steps back and walked into the hard edge of the coffee table?  That searing pain as you jab the corner into your shin.  It sits there and pangs and throbs for about an hour.  How about what happened to me yesterday…I was walking out of the public restroom, the door being heavy to open I pry open with my elbow.  As I toss out the paper with that hand and catching the door..I walk into the door jabbing my forearm into the door handle that jutted out.  The very next day a round bump on my arm and a swollen pain the seared up my arm like I was carrying a 50 lb weight all day.  Final point on the way to the bathroom, you return back to walk into the corner of the bedpost to knick your knee.  So in the end just be careful walking and try not to bump into anything…..AWFUL!

833. The mound of lint left in the dryer

What do you do with that?  I know you throw it away, but shouldn’t t hey just put belly buttons on dryers?  That’s what they do too!

It’s crazy to see what pounds of gunk is caught in there!  I think I should just give it to the cat she can roll around in it!  Maybe just stuff it in my grandma’s purse she can rub her hands against it she’s kinda cold natured!  What a mess…AWFUL!

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834. Finding that first gray hair


So every morning before departing to work you brush your teeth, you wash your face, you check yourself over lean in for a closer look then there it is…how can it be?  A gray hair, but I’m only 27?  Nooo you have to be kidding me, you try…

* Closing the mini blind yeah it’s the morning sun…no still white looking

* It”s dust I’ll brush it off, nope still there…

* It’s too many light on in the bathroom, go in the dim lit bedroom and look in the vanity mirror, yeah it’s definitely gray…

Grr no tweezers – oh well.

Now how awfully shady is that?!

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835. When someone leaves a few seconds left on the microwave

You know you’re waiting to heat up your sandwich and there it is that 14 / 10/ 2 seconds left sitting there staring at you in the eyes.  How do numbers stare at you?!  They do, trust they do.  That evil green matrix style numbers eating at your soul when they lay there on the microwave display screen because SOMEONE forgot to clear the screen back to “0”.  Just stop doing it!

How awfully 14 annoying is that?!

836. Missing the new movie trailers

I’ve always enjoyed going to the theater and watching the previews for upcoming movie releases.  It’s just bad when you walk into the theater and you hear people cheering for a new movie or a friend has told you about a trailer you missed because you went to go get popcorn at the concessions stand.  Then you have to hear about the trailer after everyone has finished watching the movie or from your co-workers the very next day.  Nevermind looking for it online because it isn’t available yet.

How awful is it to miss a thing like that? Coming to a theater near you!

837. Catching a person in line with more than 12 items in the express lane

You know you are ready to get a jug of milk, bread, and eggs, when grandma over here decides she’s going to buy everything in aisle 4 and try to curiously walk in the express lane.  Now she’s what 80?!  I just have 2 items, can’t she let me go ahead I saw her looking back and smiling.  She’ll probably lay every item down slowly and slam down the divider.  She knows way better than to be in that line I bet she was there when they had the grand opening of the store, but why on Earth is she in this line?  She can’t play the oops I didn’t know card, I just want my cookies and milk and ..oh look they have a new Orbitz gum flavor!!

How awfully more than 12 items cart stuffed is that?!