825. Payphones

Does anyone use these anymore?  Let alone carry enough change to make a phone call?  With plastic money and people barely wanting to carry change in their pocket, why bother?  Most of the population has a cell phone or are within a few feet of a person that at least has one?

Even when you have the time to find one and gather the necessary change and walk over to the booth, then something comes to mind. What is their number?  Having it stored on a cell phone or just jotting it down on a slip of paper is a useless point now…. Awful!

835. When someone leaves a few seconds left on the microwave

You know you’re waiting to heat up your sandwich and there it is that 14 / 10/ 2 seconds left sitting there staring at you in the eyes.  How do numbers stare at you?!  They do, trust they do.  That evil green matrix style numbers eating at your soul when they lay there on the microwave display screen because SOMEONE forgot to clear the screen back to “0”.  Just stop doing it!

How awfully 14 annoying is that?!

844. Butt Dialing

You get an off the wall phone call from one of your friends / family members and they ask you what that call “was all about”?!  They claim they could hear muffled conversation or music.  You go onto your phone call history and realized that your pocket dialed the number by accident and they were on the phone for 5 minutes.  Hopefully they didn’t hear about your strange date last night.


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846. Trying to do things with gloves on

Trying to do just a few of any of the following things such as:

  • Checking text messages on your smart phone
  • Dialing on a cell phone
  • Getting the credit card out of your wallet
  • Fishing for the mint in your pocket
  • Picking your nose
  • Grabbing a paperclip off the ground

Not that you’d do all of them, but the inonvenience of having to stop.  Take off the glove. Perform the action/task. Then put the glove back on is just monotonous and can be quite a tricky hassle.  Sure put fingerless gloves on, but it’ll make your fingers cold on snowy days.  Eh, oh well.  How awful!

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855: Detangling your Holiday Lights

You set aside a day to get out the ladder, put on your rugged wear, grab your gloves, and draw up a master plan to neatly decorate the yard.  As you gather the lights and spend 10 minutes detangling the mass chaos that are the string of lights you start laying out the grand scheme design.  After a an hour or so you’re done!  As you stand back and relish your hard work you then smile and go to plug-in the lights! Half of them turn on and notice that there’s still a small knot of lights you forgot to unravel!!  How awfully disconnected are you feeling now?!


856: Squinting your eyes while using a digi cam

What’s the purpose of squishing up your eyes as hard as you can when all you have to do is hover the cam on the area you want to shoot then presto, click, done!  You know you’ve grown in a generation of 35 mm and older camera’s where 1 hour photo developers need be the key to photo success, but no need to go pirate on photography!  Toss the shark of the old cam and go afar where the eye sets sails to new adventures.

Ok, enough pirate like puns, but anyway no more squinting okay, it’s not that hard to take a picture, now how a w f u l is that?!  Trust me no eye twitching required!

857: Facebook Disease

That infamous website where everyone seems to be craving every social session of our lives where we must know “what are we doing?’  Do we really need to know what you’re having for dinner?  or that you’re stuck in traffic? A post was added today by “theextinctexistentialist” bringing up a great point about a symptom called “facebook fatigue”, read about the droning symptoms of the fatigue and other hasty symptoms by clicking below…

* I think I have FB Fatigue, resuce me!

** I don’t have FB fatigue, you must be the crazy one!!

*** I think I love it, but I think I don’t am I seeing things?!!

**** I’m all better the symptoms are gone…or at least I think they are