847. Happy New Year! I’m bored now…

So after all of the winter holiday hype is over: Christmas Channukah, Kwanzaa (don’t forget we still have 3 King’s Day Jan. 6th!!) and New Year’s Eve, now for most it’s just fell short into a new year of resolutions and just excitement that makes you want to have a long winter’s nap and for some children that are just dreading the near return back to school from winter vacation the “b”word of boredom starts to emerge.

What do you do now that new year has come in and you’ve burned up the excitement of your holiday toys…..any ideas?!   Just sitting in the room and looking out the window letting out a long sigh….ughhhhhhhhhhhhh……..how awfully boring!!

864. That extra “surprise” that’s inside of your new shoes

You just bought a brand new pair of shoes and you’re just ready to go out for the night!  Nothing is more exciting than stepping into a brand new pair of shoes fresh from the box and stepping into them and taking your first few steps to get a feel of them.

Black & White Vans Shoe CakeAfter a night out on the town and heavy partying you wake up the next day with some soreness on your feet.  No you don’t have any bunions or bruises on your feet.  You check for any unrecognizable scratches, no…hmm…. don’t see any.You inspect the shoes again and don’t seem to find anything until you set them back down and there it is. 

What is it?!

You know, that little culprit hanging in the breeze waving at you…that’s it…the little end of the tissue paper that get’s pushed in and stuck at the deepest crevices on the inside of the shoe!  Now how did that get all the way down there you swore you took it all out, but guess not.  Isn’t that just a special surprise, now how awful is that?!

865. Bullying

Growing up no one wants to be ridiculed or made fun of.  Who wants to have to worry about what they wear, how they act around certain people, or be judged for who they like?  Everyday in schools across America bullying occurs in the hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias, locker rooms, and busses.  From the day we leave the home to the time we return there is not one moment we are not judged or picked on for what we like.

When is enough a enough?!  Just this week I saw three incidents occur just in bullying alone:

* Outrage, remorse after Rutgers student’s death

Parent’s in Seth Walsh’s Community Meet to End Bullying

*Boy Fights Bully for the Right to Cheer

help stop the tormenting and the name calling.  Don’t be a victim turn aggressor or just see something and not act on it.  Stand up and take charge, it’s time to “give a damn” and say no to bullies forever.  Help, give a damn by checking out the site here or the facebook page here.

Help prevent an awful cause of harassment and be a part of the solution!

866. Having something stuck on you and nobody says anything

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Toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe?

Booger in your nose?

Crumb on the corner of your mouth?

Sure they are all embarassing when you are walking around thinking that you look great, but how embarassing is it when you think you’re the hot stuff and no one says anything.  Sure one of your office co-workers of yours has a bit of crusted booger dangling from the corner of their niose, but do you tell them? Hmm.. maybe I will…maybe it’s just another awful thing!

867: Having no PC net access

Go to fullsize imageFor those who have checked in and thought, what?! When?! Where did he go, why is there no more additions to this page well this “awful” point just counts towards the reason in stall.  As my PC is getting fixed it’s quite a hassle to go to find time to borrow someone’s computer and well.  Without having the net to access a computer well it brings me back to days before 1998 where there was no internet.  Running outside playing, inviting friends over to play NES or a board game, or actually having to hand write a letter rather than typing it up on the typewriter or on the desktop. 

No one to chat with and well you just have to text or just call a friend.  Just easier to keep up with a quick message here and there on Facebook, but I guess that what happens when you get spoiled with technology, just a bummer.  Well as it has been over 2 weeks since I’ll find out by the end of the week when I’ll get my PC back until then I’ll mindlessly entertain myself with movies, going outside, or listening to music and reading.  Oh the good ‘ol days, I think?!

Awfully quiet.

868: People who talk to you after being on hiatus for 3 or so months

Go to fullsize imageI think what baffles me the most is when people who talk to you on a daily basis and go what I call “ghost” on you.  They go on hiatus and disappear and stop talking to you.  Then conveniently start talking to you some month after the delay.  Then go away from talking then return 2-3 months after.

Go to  fullsize imageBy that point I begin to not really care much with what they have to say, but merely end up mindlessly entertaining myself with half-interested conversation.  Those people usually target their conversation with some mid-life or momentary crisis or excitement that somehow has to lead you into what are they talking about.  You know that your interest is near vacant but out of curiosity they ask and really their worries are purely lackluster.

Not that I have no empathy for them, but when someone you once had some sizable interest in drops in when it’s most convenient for them it just is moot o even entertain them.  You’re left with thinking why have I even talked to them and you feel :|, awfully drained.

869: Random Things I Hate Video

Thanks “It’s KingsleyBitch” for the funny video

Coming across the video just pointed out some great items such as things that I find just as awful, but can’t help but hate, Kingsley humorously pointed out that odd cover on a DVD, what is it for?!  I think it makes a great placemat or coaster if you cut it in smaller squares!

Awfully funny!  Please be aware that the video does have adult language for those who may be worried about that!