827. Twist ties

Sure these neat little plastic ties hold air tight your breads and english muffins, maybe even your trash bag.  But forget about trying to unwrap the tie early in the morning if you over twisted the bind.  You end up spending a debate time of 2 minutes trying to figure out if you twisted left or right.  Then you have to pull the bag out in front to look hmm was it right I just twisted or left?  Did I just over or undertwist the bag?!  Forget it I’m getting scissors!



838. Going in the grovery store to buy one thing, except…

You need just milk, bread, and yarn…have a craft project that I have to finish, give me credit here!  But that is until when you go you end up buying half of the left side of the store! How awfully unnecessary are 89% of the things in your cart are there?