842. Making Up Snow Days at School

Well as we all enjoy a great day of snow, romping and playing around and not having to go back to school…the reality is you’ll have to make it up sometime later in the school year.  We found out today that they’re changing the Early School Release Day to a different day (a previously scheduled day off) and now making it a half day and the previous half day now a full day of school.  Phew!  Technical huh?  The high schoolers fairing off a bit more crazier seeing as they have almost a week full of half days and they are making it up almost the next few days at the end of this month.

So although it is exciting to see that the weatherman predicts several inches of snow, it isn’t exciting knowing you’ll have to make it up later on and at some time that’s the most inconvenient for you.  Oh well, not much we can do there about that since it’s more of a school board decision.


843. Silent But Deadly Farts

Silent But Deadly Women's Pink T-Shirt

Ok… who did it?! 

No, no, no don’t look around or at your feet, really who did it!?!

Seriously!! ….


851. Pushing your cart of groceries in the snow

After seeing this I should have got a hint!

It’s one thing to go get your groceries, but after a major snowstorm you’d figure a basket was enough.  Filling it up beyond the basket should have been the sign when I had to turn back outside to get a cart from the store.  Happily filling up my basket the bags piled in the cart.  Once stepping outside the light slush made it passable until I felt like a mule on the Oregon Trail slushing and sliding and pushing this winky dinky cart to my car.  I enjoyed how the onlookers walked by not offering to help but to comment, hmm.. maybe it needs all terrain wheels.

Thankfully I found a patch of snow cleared parking lot.  Thanks snow-covered ground, thanks full cart, and thanks for the awful commentary!  Hope you get a cart full of groceries.  Now much onward to my home!

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873: People who want to do nothing to save the Earth

Go to fullsize imageHappy Earth Day one and all the day where we go GREEN of trying to figure out all the messages on the ways to conserve and save the Earth.  Do not get me wrong I’m all for recycling but conservation videos, glacial melting, and practically scaring me about the world ending in 2012 well that’s no fun.

Even the Garbage Pail Kid’s cry out in mercy to save the Earth, I got it.. but View Imagewhat ticks me further is when people who blatantly just trash the environment for no reason.  Leaving bathroom stalls will toilet paper on the floor, toss out empty cans of soda at the park, and flick cigarette butts out of the ir car windows littering the roadway medians.

So instead of standing there making the situation worse I think that the road way clean ups, adopt a spots, and tending to homegrown gardens are only great ways to tend to the land and return the humanity of nature from what we stole to build our homes -offices- and play spaces.  Build together and grow a greener Earth.

Why does it matter – Earth Day? Read top opinions reasons here.

Awfully a shame not to help the Earth…

874: When your toothpaste gets messy

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Rise & Shine!  Always best to start your day with a fresh swig of mouth wash, floss, and grab that fine toothbrush and the dreaded toothpaste tube.  Wait a second…dreaded…why so?  Unbeknownst to the average person the tube can be quite an unforgiving product brought to cabinets of many millions of Americans.  Here’s the top 3 reasons why:

  1. Go to fullsize imageNo matter how many times you wipe it down your child always has to squeeze the tube from the middle of the toothpaste tube.  Not many tend to squeeze from the bottom of the tube letting the toothpaste just lay like a badly molded arts and crafts project in your cabinet.
  2. Go to fullsize imageIt’s something about pouring the toothpaste finely on the toothbrush that little kid’s can’t seem to balance.  It lands on the floor and on the counter, in your clothes only to crust over.  Get to work an hour later explain that odd stain to your co-workers they’ll probably grin at you slyly and say, “Suuure…”
  3. Go to  fullsize image My most obnoxious find is when people grab the living life out of the toothpaste and let the contents pour out like a freshly burst birthday pinata – surprise!  No it’s okay don’t clear off the top of the toothpaste, I got it!  Cause I want to sit overnight and crust over and dry nothing says fun in the morning like crusty dried up toothpaste flakes!

Well hopefully that will start your day with a smile – how awfully exciting is that – floss on my friends!

875: Thinking a song is new but finding out it’s not

Go to fullsize image Ever just listen to the radio and just find a song that’s catchy for that time in your life?  The song just happens to catch you at the moment that makes you feel that everything is right and stays in your mind.  You sign the song at work, in the office, or even on your way home  Then when you’re at your folks and while you’re in the kitchen signing that song you just can’t get out of your head mom just happens to stroll by…

Go to fullsize imageOh that was such a great song your dad and I danced to that song at our prom.  Only to find out that the song was never an original and it was just a remake of an older classic.  Well there goes those memories, awfully nostalgic right?!

876: Tax Day

Go to fullsize imageSo you’re taxes are due, just don’t be late and file them at the last minute.  Like the rest of most people who wait till the VERY last minute and have it e-filed at 11:59 p.m. tonight or have it saved on their memo minder which post office is open late so they can have it sent off post marked before closing.  Really now, need you wait this long?  You’ve had since Jan to get this together!  Now go out there and get a great tax day relief savings special!

Late taxes – how awful is that?!