876: Tax Day

Go to fullsize imageSo you’re taxes are due, just don’t be late and file them at the last minute.  Like the rest of most people who wait till the VERY last minute and have it e-filed at 11:59 p.m. tonight or have it saved on their memo minder which post office is open late so they can have it sent off post marked before closing.  Really now, need you wait this long?  You’ve had since Jan to get this together!  Now go out there and get a great tax day relief savings special!

Late taxes – how awful is that?!

888: Folding Laundry

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The intricate art of folding clothes.  Most people are not organized enough to even fold a simple fortune-teller or Chinese origami star.  Yet alone we attempt to neatly fold clothes that we’ll either dangle on a plastic hanger or stuff in a dresser drawer that no one will see, but I suppose we’ll have the personal satisfaction knowing it looked nice that we tried.

I have found these 3 items to be the most challenging:

Go to fullsize imageShirts/Blouses:  If you’re doing these you have to make sure that the creases aren’t made too hard and that the collar is not bent on the edges so they don’t stick up on the ends.  The softer the fabric the harder it is to fully form the fold.

* How to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds

* How to fold a shirt military style

Go to fullsize imageBed Sheets: no matter where you begin the fold and try to evenly fold the bed sheets the corners will never match up or the sheets will look like you’re smuggling a goat and you’ll have to flatten it as best as you can.

* How to Fold Bed sheets

* Fit & Fold: Folding Fitted sheets in a “snap”

Go to fullsize imageBras/Underwear: ok no matter if you’re helping your mom do laundry and your dad’s size 40 briefs or your mom’s frilly bra, just leave that to the person who has done the laundry just not a safe zone … ever!

* How to fold a bra

Go to fullsize imageAs one finishes folding and picking off clothes strung together or full of more wrinkles than a Abercrombie and Fitch shirt sale it’s somewhat of a relief to know that the heinous effort is over, until you realize your child has left a load of clothes in your upstairs bathroom hamper.  Now how awful is that?!

892: Dust Bunnies

Hello you sneaky little furry friends who cower in kitchens and bathrooms and hidden corners of the home!  I know you aren’t made of chocolate, but I love how although you hide while I’m in the house you secretly jump out when guests are visiting!  Thanks you big ball of fuzziness.  Now how awful is that?!

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893: Getting to the store at the cashier turnover time

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Late at night close to midnight seems to be the deadest time to go shopping at Walmart.  As much as I like Walmart at times I just found tonight to be quite annoying as I went to 3 Walmarts to find one item, I know I know just check online.  But when they don’t have the product you’re looking for the old classic store to store hunt is the only viable option. Each store looking a bit more distressed than before although the 2nd one was a lot more put together than the 3 and the final Walmart well they were retiling the floor, but what got me was the worker who just sat at his machine sitting there relaxing while everyone was working and glared at me with a death stare to get back to shopping!

Go to fullsize imageIf you’ve ever shopped at Walmart, one knows that nearly every night close to midnight that they always do a register shut down and all the registers are stalled for nearly 15 minutes.  To even add to the impatient timing, they close one set of the double doors.  Sometimes not always the same set one time it’s the grocery side the next time the retail side.  Who knows which side it will be and at exactly when will they shut it down?  Sometimes they don’t have employees redirect you there so you’re caught standing there waiting and in the upper UPPER right hand corner in a small note they have a post stating the doors are closed until 7:00 a.m. the next day.

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So as you finally get through the 25+ person line because they only have 2 registers open the 10 item or less (where you know some people have 25 items and you stand there looking at them with rage) whereas you only have a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and the latest Tuesday release DVD.  So once you get to the register they seem as upset as someone stepping on your toes and you make it through finally since the cashier decided to ring each of your items as slow as possibly and grunt a goodbye.

Thankfully I’m halfway awake to even care, now where did I park?  Great on the other side of the parking lot!  Now how awful is that?!

906: Music videos has nothing to do with the lyrics

Go to fullsize imageRecently Lady Gaga (the outlandish fashionsita for wild clothing options) has come out with her premiere video for “Telephone”.  As interested as I was when I saw the image above I thought “OH NO! A phone on her head!  Well look who it is!”

Then again I give her props for some of the wild things you’ll see in her video such as her cigarette butt sunglasses, the dispelling of her being transgendered myth, girl-on-girl kissing, cursing, PlentyofFish website and Wonder bread product plugs, and more twitchy dancing.  The best part for me was at  1:38 with the girl’s shocked face on the bench.  Well here’s her video enjoy..or at least as it ends think of some other videos that make you wonder how in the world do they match up with their lyrics?!


913: People that talk to you closely with bad breath

Go to fullsize imageWhy must you stand so close to me and prolong your words with long drawn out letters?  I can hear what you’re saying at a farther distance away from me!  It really makes matters worse when it’s like your boss or someone important and you really don’t want to hurt their feelings so you subtly offer them gum.

Then they ask oh is it my breath?  Yet they laugh a little and say no I was a bit hungry.  For gum, really – who gets hungry for gum? Yeah your breath does smell and stop standing uncomfortably close to me!

Now how awful smelling is that?!

944. Armpit Sweat

Nothing says business meeting or a first time introduction than this

crop circle of fun!

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I AM... by Fade The Great.How awfully sweaty is that?!

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