881: When your cell phone dies with no warning

Go to fullsize imageTalk talk talk away!  Hopefully you aren’t in a roadside emergency or you weren’t getting directions to your friend’s wedding reception because when your phone cuts off on you just hope that you have a charger or at least 50 cents to get you to a nearby pay phone to make that call.  Oh wait…the number is stored on the phone and I don’t have the number memorized – awful!

987. Realizing you are short one battery

Go to fullsize imageThe universal remote you got needs 3 AA batteries, but when you look around the house you only have 2 AA’s.  You try to be clever and find some lesser used product in the house, oh the remote to the ceiling fan might work, nope AAA’s.  Guess that means a trip to the store.

Now how awful is that?!