878: The Mini Spaz Attack When Your In Bed, Half Asleep And Imagine Your Falling

In honor of Hannah P

Ever lie in bed and gotten to the REM state of sleep and ready to just hit the deep sleep and then you are still half awake and have a dream where you are being chased and you jump?  Well not only do you jump, so does your body.  At times where you get up and hit the floor or the person laying next to you in bed (your significant other, loved one, whomever it may be).  Then you get up in a slight panic and then realize it was only a dream and you breathe to a point of calmness then lie back down slouching a bit over to the middle of the bed in hopes of not falling over the bed!

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961. Getting a text in the middle of the night

Just after a long day of work you work and you are tired and sore and ready to call it a night.  You lay there reflecting on your day and you are just about to hit full on sleep mode and then the text alert sound in full sound mode blasts off…

Hello.  What r u up to?

Ok now seriously at 1:12 am?

Typing back…


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Now how awful is that?!