859. Drying your hands in the restroom

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

That golden rule that we must honor when finishing our duty while in the rest room.  But how is it that after we wash our hands that drying them has been more than a hassle?!  Here are the top 5 common pitfalls of hand drying.

Go to fullsize image1. Manual paper towel dispensers: Crank and wait and crank and wait and crank and zzzzzz…it seems the more we crank the less the paper comes out.  We have to make sure that we’re quick just in case someone comes behind us with a foot tapping rendition.  Just be careful to ensure that the crank isn’t wet or filled with a dry old booger.  The worst part is the major pitfall when the paper bunches up and then fails to come out.  No matter how hard you crank that thing it sometimes will force the paper out but more than likely you’re stuck with getting frustrated and walking off.

Go to fullsize image2. Automatic paper towel dispensers:  Phew!  Someone came up with the greatest idea ever, just swipe your hand past the monitor and quickly out dispenses the paper! Simple right?!  Well not all the time since you’ll have to beware of the major pitfall (see above).  Sometimes it’s a mere balance act to get the wave right and if you’re not tall enough…well you’ll have to try a different day. 😦

Go to fullsize image3.  The hand blowdryer: This volcanic blast of hot air has been around as the great alternative to the starchy paper of the paper towel dispenser.  You just smack the square button wave your hand underneath as they drip to the floor and melt your fingers off, how cool!?!  The newer models let you twist it upwards to dry your face, now why you would want to do that I have no clue, but I guess if you wash your face it might help.

4.  Wiping off or TP tag:  You might have none of these options and have to opt to dry your hands off your pants only to look (if you’re wearing light colored pants) that you wet yourself and have to use an excuse as a faulty faucet.  If you decide not to dry or shake your hands dry then you select the TP in the stall but that tends to clump and really who knows where the edge of that roll has been dangling….

Go to fullsize image5. The Dyson Airblade hand dryer: As the technology advances so does the blunders, but I’d have to say that this one is truly the most genius by far.  In newer restrooms you can find this new style of hand drying method.  Be wary if you are large handed or a germaphobe.  You do have to drag your hands back up and touch the sides which well I do worry at times, but it’s a neat invention to get the job done.

No matter how you decide to clean your 10 friends it’s awfully dry without fun options to get your hands clean!

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Thanks again to Andy G for your idea!

882: Bully Button lint

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After a long day when you come home and kick back and peel off your shirt.  That 10 hour shift just really kicked butt today.  You grab a drink and kick back on the couch and turn on the TV for a few and look down and hanging in the breeze of the fan is your fuzzy little friend.  Calling to you, “Come get me out and let’s play!”  Always in style matching your shirts and full of tangled quirkiness this frenemy is here to linger!

Awfully fuzzy!

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904: Hairy Backs & Shoulders

Need we say anything more … awfully in need of a comb?!

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