941. When the teacher erases the notes on the board before you can copy it all down

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I could recall one class that I had one spring semester: Western Civilization [shudders].  The teacher was straight business, she never was late, missed a day of class, and never let the class out early.  But one thing that I knew for sure besides not being late and not having my supplies was the fact that once she stepped foot in the classroom it was time to take notes!

As she came in she grabbed the chalk and started going away on the board with the course’s agenda for the day.  As she would scribe away on the board half of the class was in a frenzy as she would cover the material and instruct the class on the importance of history and it’s influence around the world.

As I sat there with my hand cramping thinking that the teacher was under the influence.  Well as I would write notes as quickly as I could then she would erase parts of it without giving me or the rest of the class the full chance to write down here lengthy passages.  Some student’s would sit there and look at each other in disbelief only having to get together after class to compare what we wrote down!  No I don’t write slow but when you want to absorb the words by actively listening and gather the content of the notes it’s just tough when you’re trying to soak it all in.

So grab a digital camera – take a picture of the board – and then take notes I would think it would improve the chances of enjoying the class a bit more.  But in the end I was glad the course was over!  Just don’t erase that line..now how awfu

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957. When your child is off running around while you are doing a task

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It always seem that toddlers and little children happen to know when the best time to strike and create their own little world of excitement.  As a parent one thing to know is that you do not want to go somewhere and be publicly humiliated or embarrassed on behalf of their actions (funny how tables turn when they become tweens).

Well as I was waiting for a set of keys to be delivered tome today  sat in the lobby just looking over some forms reviewing my recent meeting when I observed in the lobby of the recreation center a mother and her mother (the grandmother) filling out the registration form to sign up their children for ballet classes.  The two women intently talking about the course and mom filling out the form with accuracy were so engrossed in the process.  They were so engrossed they weren’t noticing what the two little girls were off doing on the side.  As I sat there in awe and laughter I watched the ship slowly sink into the water.

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It started off simply with the “oh we get to walk around” the girls walk at first seemingly 4 or 5 or so they are giddish with laughter and then the toddler version of “walking” turns into chase because breaking it down children must run everywhere.  Walking isn’t instilled in their mental realm yet.  If only we are this energetic at 35.  Anyhow they start chasing each other and begin to hold onto the spiral upward ramp looking between the gap of the railing and wall to see their mother and wave giggling.  Then they stand over by the column and then become fascinated by the plastic tube stand for recycled batteries.  One girl tilts it toward her and starts yelling in it while the other goes back to wave to her mom.

After wards when the girl tries to reach for the batteries then goes off and in a jibberish talk goes to the end of the table and then runs away and laughs hiding behind the column with her sister.  Then the other girl does the same.  Then they repeat this run to the table-babble-run off process for about 2 minutes.  Sitting there I laugh cause it looks so funny but the parents are sooooo intent on filling out the papers that can they not see what is going on?! Wow!

Then the best part comes just as in a bank they have the line dividers and the kid’s run between and underneath them giggling and yelping in excitement and then one girl falls in surprise.  Still no parent reaction…. until this…. the receptionist comes out behind the desk and ask the mom to get ahold of the girls and asks them to be quiet since it’s making it hard for them to answer the phone and blocking the pathway for members entering the building (as they are running all over).

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It was only at that moment the mom looked up mortified and then reacted to their children’s actions – passing time of childlike antics 8 minutes.

Now how awfully embarrassing is that?!

994. It’s been a while since I’ve played…

Go to fullsize imageGather your friends for a Friday/Saturday game night to play a round of cards and have a few drinks.  Everyone’s deciding what to play: Spades, 3 Cards, Volcano, Kings, Skip Bo, whatever…

But you know as you deal out the cards there is one person who laughs and oddly looks around and spouts “It’s been a while since I’ve played that game” that’s just code for “I’ve never played this game before and I have no clue what I’m doing”

Go to fullsize imageFor fun continue playing as if it hasn’t disturbed the flow of your game and just watch their expression as they casually grab the cards in confidence and then as they are somewhat “reminded” of a few key starting points.  Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not – you end up teaching them how to play the game from the very beginning.

Don’t be that guest, cause the deal has gone round and it’s your turn!

Now how awful is that?!

996. Forgetting your plate number

So you just got into college and you’re registering for an exciting new semester and at the student center’s registrar parking office they give you papers to fill out for a parking decal to put on your vehicle.  Finally, big student on campus you can drive your car to school! No more using mom and dad’s car!

You start filling out the form and you realize you just forgot your plate number, was a ZK-215? … ZJ-251? … no wait ZJ-215! No..no that can’t be it.

Who remembers stuff like this?!  Oh well I guess I’m going to have to my car and jot it down!

Then you realize that you parked across campus 2 1/2 blocks away!

Now how awful is that?!