881: When your cell phone dies with no warning

Go to fullsize imageTalk talk talk away!  Hopefully you aren’t in a roadside emergency or you weren’t getting directions to your friend’s wedding reception because when your phone cuts off on you just hope that you have a charger or at least 50 cents to get you to a nearby pay phone to make that call.  Oh wait…the number is stored on the phone and I don’t have the number memorized – awful!

909: When your phone drops in between the seat and door

As if we aren’t distracted enough between checking the texts at red lights, checking missed calls while on the road.  We really should just be focusing on driving.  We all know that but do we do it?  Sometimes we cringe because as one friend told me, “I can’t help but stay connected!”

Well as you reach to grab your phone as it rings and as you make sure you are staying safely in the lane you accidentally drop the phone in the space between the car and the door and can’t seem to grab it.  The phone neatly buzzes there looking at you laughing at you with it’s glowing little “1 Missed call” eyes.

As you reach the phone slides further between the crack and your hand isn’t thin enough to make the wedge to safely grab your phone.  Thankfully you’re at a red light now you can slide back your seat and reach but apparently you still can’t reach the phone.  So now you have to unbuckle your seatbelt crouch under your seat and grab the phone.


Green light and the car in front of you is half a block up the road!  Now how awful is that?!

935. When you set your clocks ahead thinking you have 10 extra minutes

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So you set all your clocks ahead 10 minutes thinking that you’ll save time and get to work early, but you just happen to forget to set ahead your cell phone alarms.  So as you are preparing for your morning routine you hit the snooze button a few times thinking well I have at least 10 more minutes that’ll be okay.

In all reality, as you are setting up and getting ready you just Go to fullsize imageget out of the door and make it on your way with a minute to spare.  Phew! That was close.  You are setting up your car and smooth sailing to work until you get  on to the highway and there is a 3 mile back up to work now putting you 10 minutes behind your  time.

Then to cool off as you turn off the radio he announces the time to be 5 minutes even later than you had set all your clocks at your house.  Now how awfully time sensitive is that?!

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940. Debating whether or not to get your phone

Thanks to Cote Jo:

“When you’re in bed almost asleep on a very cold night finally about to dream away and then you realize you left your cell phone, which is your personal alarm clock also, in your car.

You then debate with yourself [Screw the phone I’ll get myself up or crawl out of bed and retrieve the phone in the very cold?!]  You toss and you turn thinking you can get yourself up and you tell yourself you can do it.  Only 5 minutes later to think – nope can’t do it.  What if someone breaks into my car and steals my phone?  Or a squirrel climbs into my car and borrows it for his den?

The phone won since I knew I would wake up several times worried about not oversleeping!  So you get up reluctantly out of the bed find the right jacket and shoes to wear and trek across the lawn (or parking lot for apartment owners) to unlock the car and grab the phone.  Now I can’t sleep because  I am sooooooo cold!!”

Now how awful is that?!

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961. Getting a text in the middle of the night

Just after a long day of work you work and you are tired and sore and ready to call it a night.  You lay there reflecting on your day and you are just about to hit full on sleep mode and then the text alert sound in full sound mode blasts off…

Hello.  What r u up to?

Ok now seriously at 1:12 am?

Typing back…


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Now how awful is that?!

993. When a text message just doesn’t pan out in predictions

Go to fullsize imageIn this day and age where texting is quicker than writing a letter to say hello and warm thoughts, we’ve become so hooked on texting that yesterday when walking in a 6-10 step distance in the mall I saw 8 people texting and 1 person nearly walk into someone.

But in the moments where a quick salutation goes wrong and the message comes out to your friends and it reads like this:

“We still going the park is still open I say giggus when we drove by the park…”

“Ha ha ha did they like it?  Did your bro use the “it’s been a while” line? I calvay learned a new rape game.  I’ll have to show ya when ya get back…”

“Hey bussy how are you doin’?  Wanna gang out?”

“Can we get a coffee makes in the office with the bookshelf?  It’ll be le bitro patches!”

from TLN.com (see below) “dude, this chick has 3-ply toilet paper. wiped my ass with a cloud.”

just be careful what ya send I don’t think you want to get a “huh?” reply when you have to log back into your outbox and see what weirdness that was sent out…

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Now how awful is that?!

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