888: Folding Laundry

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The intricate art of folding clothes.  Most people are not organized enough to even fold a simple fortune-teller or Chinese origami star.  Yet alone we attempt to neatly fold clothes that we’ll either dangle on a plastic hanger or stuff in a dresser drawer that no one will see, but I suppose we’ll have the personal satisfaction knowing it looked nice that we tried.

I have found these 3 items to be the most challenging:

Go to fullsize imageShirts/Blouses:  If you’re doing these you have to make sure that the creases aren’t made too hard and that the collar is not bent on the edges so they don’t stick up on the ends.  The softer the fabric the harder it is to fully form the fold.

* How to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds

* How to fold a shirt military style

Go to fullsize imageBed Sheets: no matter where you begin the fold and try to evenly fold the bed sheets the corners will never match up or the sheets will look like you’re smuggling a goat and you’ll have to flatten it as best as you can.

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Go to fullsize imageBras/Underwear: ok no matter if you’re helping your mom do laundry and your dad’s size 40 briefs or your mom’s frilly bra, just leave that to the person who has done the laundry just not a safe zone … ever!

* How to fold a bra

Go to fullsize imageAs one finishes folding and picking off clothes strung together or full of more wrinkles than a Abercrombie and Fitch shirt sale it’s somewhat of a relief to know that the heinous effort is over, until you realize your child has left a load of clothes in your upstairs bathroom hamper.  Now how awful is that?!

890: Maintaining you freshly clean car

Thanks to Thomas C:

“When you go through the automatic car wash, and to get out the ONLY exit, om a bright sunny day none-the-less, you need to splash though a mud puddle.”

Continuing points to consider…

Go to fullsize imageBirdie Birdie: The when you get 1/2 a mile down the road a seagull leaves a present on your windshield. It’s small so you decide to use your windshield wiper fluid but instead of cleanly washing it off it smears all across the windshield making it worse than before and partially obstructing your view.  Now you have to move your head around it.

Go to fullsize imageStep Off: everyone has that friend steps into your newly vacuumed car with rocks/pebbles/sand and the mud of a 1000 funks finely plopped into the floor mats in your car. Then as they comfortably sit down you look at them in shock.  They notice the offside look and return to look at you like nothing’s wrong when you give them the death glare.

A sprinkle of sunshine: you park your car in the lot and after an hour of so of shopping you come back to see your car lightly dusted with a fresh coat of pollen, welcome the spring time!

Splish Splash: as if your car couldn’t sparkle any longer it begins to rain and hail now some 15 minutes later!

Go to fullsize imageChuck and Duck: As you are sitting at a red light waiting for the light to change cycles you notice the car next to you with its darkly tinted windows  you try to figure out who’s in there.  A few seconds later the window opens and a hand reaches out and dumps their slurpee or caramelized soft drink out the window and it splashes on the side of your car.  The window rolls back up and the car dashes off.  BEEEEEEP!! Oh the light was green and you take off in your sticky car.



892: Dust Bunnies

Hello you sneaky little furry friends who cower in kitchens and bathrooms and hidden corners of the home!  I know you aren’t made of chocolate, but I love how although you hide while I’m in the house you secretly jump out when guests are visiting!  Thanks you big ball of fuzziness.  Now how awful is that?!

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907: Eye boogers

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Wake up to a Baker’s Crust of gunk in your eye!  Time to wake up to another joyous day of fun filled work, endless daunting chores, and a laundry list of mindless tasks.  Wipe wipe away the world awaits you!

Awfully crusty!

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914: That extra skin that hangs off your your finger near the cuticle

Go to fullsize imageWhat is that area called, what is that skin called?  That extra little bit of small skin that hangs off between the first joint and the cuticle bed.  Whatever it is called.  It truly just gets intolerable where you have to pick the skin.  Sometimes it pulls back  a bit and bleeds sometimes it just dangles there and tugs at the most innate moments of the day.

Just snip it off with a cuticle cuter, but in any case it really has to go before it pulls back any further and starts to sting.  Now how awfully annoying is that?!

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926. Band-Aid Residue

Go to fullsize imageGet outside and play, you fearless leader of the day!  Take charge of your freedom and play –     the world is your playground and there are adventures to be had!  Jump, run, skip, and play!  Roll around a little in the grass, climb a tree, jump off a swing, and throw a few rocks.  The sense of skill and adventure are just awaiting for you to take charge of the elements!

Go to fullsize imageWhen you play hard as a kid getting hurt takes nothing of a fine cure of a rad cartoon band-aid.  Healed up sure, stop you from playing?!  Absolutely not! It is your war bandage of fearlessness!  You shower with it you sleep with it, like a cast you might even have friends sign it!

Forget to keep it on there a bit too long you peel it off and it is seared into your skin and now the sticky residue clings to dirt faster than a random string on the carpetIt just won’t go away!

Now how awfully fun is that?!

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934. The missing sock in the dryer

Go to fullsize imageLaundry day!  As you gather, separate, and load up clothes by color, pattern, and weight you begin the daunting task of laundry.  Pulling out your fresh detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener to give it the smoothest and alluring scent.

After an hour or so you then finish your few loads and begin to pull out your clothes for folding.  Go to fullsize imageAs you get down to the whites you start pairing the socks and notice that you have 2 single white socks that don’t match.  Where is the pair to the sock?  Does it go in to a missing sock zone?  Only to reappear 2 loads later…

Where or where can you be?  Now how awfully lost is that sock?!

Oh there it is !

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