925: Coffee Grinds in Your Cup of Coffee

Nothing ruins your morning better than a fresh hot cup of coffee with a fresh mouthful of gritty delight!  Thank you paper filter for doing you’re job!

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What’s that floating to the top of my coffee?!  (chews) Yeahhhh not so much!  Now how awfully crunchy is that?!

949. When you walk somewhere in a place and forgot why you walked there

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Such a busy busy day at home and work and while at the office you are the ruler of the day getting things accomplished and you are just achieving task after task!  Pile on the work because it’ll get done!! As you are multi tasking one thing after the other you sip on your Starbucks Grande Vanilla Chai Latte and walk towards the storage room and then stop and stand there looking around…now why did I come in here?!

Hmmm… can’t remember…. oh well back to your routine of the day and as you finally get home and as you are standing in the kitchen then it hits you!

Paper clips! PAPER clips…   PAPER CLIPS!!!Go to fullsize image

Now how awful is that to now remember hours later?!

978. Being shortchanged

Go to fullsize imageAs you pull off the road to grab a quick coffee for a refreshing pick me up on your ride back home you happen to only have a dollar and fifteen cents in your pocket.  As you briskly make your way to the coffee zone you get the best close size seeing 99 cents is a good option, you proceed to fill your cup and when you get to the register the lady then states that the drink costs $1.20!!  Great short 5 cents!

Sure if it was 2 or 3 cents maybe that “pick a penny” dish will save you nope, only 3 pennies inside and the lady behind you is just staring at her phone then up at you as you look around trying to shuffle your hands in your pocket hoping more change will appear.  Why would this cashier not budge 2 cents – is it that serious?!

Thankfully the lady behind you drops down a nickle, thank goodness…now how awful is that?!

Watch 3 things you can do for 15 cents:

* Charge a plastic bag

* Sucker 15 cent bet

* Dane Cook’s look on 15 cent