941. When the teacher erases the notes on the board before you can copy it all down

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I could recall one class that I had one spring semester: Western Civilization [shudders].  The teacher was straight business, she never was late, missed a day of class, and never let the class out early.  But one thing that I knew for sure besides not being late and not having my supplies was the fact that once she stepped foot in the classroom it was time to take notes!

As she came in she grabbed the chalk and started going away on the board with the course’s agenda for the day.  As she would scribe away on the board half of the class was in a frenzy as she would cover the material and instruct the class on the importance of history and it’s influence around the world.

As I sat there with my hand cramping thinking that the teacher was under the influence.  Well as I would write notes as quickly as I could then she would erase parts of it without giving me or the rest of the class the full chance to write down here lengthy passages.  Some student’s would sit there and look at each other in disbelief only having to get together after class to compare what we wrote down!  No I don’t write slow but when you want to absorb the words by actively listening and gather the content of the notes it’s just tough when you’re trying to soak it all in.

So grab a digital camera – take a picture of the board – and then take notes I would think it would improve the chances of enjoying the class a bit more.  But in the end I was glad the course was over!  Just don’t erase that line..now how awfu

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996. Forgetting your plate number

So you just got into college and you’re registering for an exciting new semester and at the student center’s registrar parking office they give you papers to fill out for a parking decal to put on your vehicle.  Finally, big student on campus you can drive your car to school! No more using mom and dad’s car!

You start filling out the form and you realize you just forgot your plate number, was a ZK-215? … ZJ-251? … no wait ZJ-215! No..no that can’t be it.

Who remembers stuff like this?!  Oh well I guess I’m going to have to my car and jot it down!

Then you realize that you parked across campus 2 1/2 blocks away!

Now how awful is that?!