918: When the social network IM stalls your other windows

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For avid users of social sites you should be fully aware that there is a small task bar in the lower right hand screen to share with you that your friends are online.  For those who are lazy and can’t pick up the phone and call this tends to be the quicker option than talking face to face.

As we click over to continue to read the news or write an elaborate email, maybe even write this post a “pop” noise alerts us a new message from “so & so” has arrived.  Sometimes stalling your writing or even switching windows altogether so you have to see the red [2] box and click on it to read.

What makes the messaging even better is when you write simultaneously as the other person and their incoming message stalls your message and you have to click of the IM box, minimize it, then reopen it to type all over again what you just wrote to send a simple item such as, “I’m good, how are you?”

Now how awfully stall…

ing is that?!

930. People who start a conversation then all of a sudden stop

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Whether it’s texting, commenting, or  instant messaging the quick messages to stop by and find out what’s happening in the lives of your friends.  It can always be a time filler for some and well a great interest of others.  Always a blast to catch up with some friends after a busy day and try to reconnect and escape the busy grind of your day.

The best part is when you are talking to someone on chat for the first time and the conversation seems to be flowing on a good wavelength and your laughing and carrying on about this that and the other.  Then all of a sudden you get (I’ll be right back and then…) SILENCE!

No real preparation just idle time waiting as you stare at the screen for 5 minutes … 10 minutes … then you just write are you there? busy? no reply…

Low and behold some two days later the person pops back up via text or IM and they don’t message you and you message them and they act like you’re bothering them.  Then they apologize and say that hey were busy and start talking like it was just nothing.  As confusion and frustration settles in you just sit there and wonder. o O (What was that all about?!)

Now how awfully.. hold on I’ll be right back

938. When you got a new comment, but it’s not really new

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Oh look!   I have a NEW message!  Let me see…

No wait it’s a comment I left for myself…oh well…

How awful is that?!

966. When the computer is “still loading”

Go to fullsize imageAs quick as we can get access to updated technology we are just as quick to toss out older pieces of equipment and make way for the newest piece of techno gadgetry and ready to dismiss it if it’s not as quick, fast, and efficient.  Apparently nothing nowadays is fast enough.

I recall the other day laughing at when we used to write letters by hand with a pen asking our friends for their addresses to only get a letter a week later pre 1998, then to 1998-2006 when asking for email addresses were the craze and getting emails were heavily relied for quicker mail to the letters we can now send in a quick instant, and now post 2006 with text messaging, twitter, and following people with quick notes of info on “what were doing” a la stalker is even faster than a email letter.

So as we type a letter, document, or view a webpage the upgrades seem to come quicker than we can process them on our PC/Laptops.  Then we are stuck within every 3 to 4 years upgrading and tossing out the junk we have.

Even when we are in a rush to get to a page filled with info we can sometimes still be botchy in information.  For instance, in restaurant info pages and reviews they are quick to tell you how good and where the restaurant is, but never the restaurant hours.

So you end up having to look that up although a quick call is better, but why do that when you have the technology at hand?  So as you search you have to wait for the pages to load and even with some viral videos they can seem pixelated and with new HD format movies if your computer is equipped withe latest technology you’ll just be sitting there “bored” waiting for it to load.

So as you sit there and wait for your favorite bookmark page to lad, maybe I’ll make some more coffee, ah well… how awful is that?!