881: When your cell phone dies with no warning

Go to fullsize imageTalk talk talk away!  Hopefully you aren’t in a roadside emergency or you weren’t getting directions to your friend’s wedding reception because when your phone cuts off on you just hope that you have a charger or at least 50 cents to get you to a nearby pay phone to make that call.  Oh wait…the number is stored on the phone and I don’t have the number memorized – awful!

936. Having a 100% sarcastic conversation with someone who thinks youre serious

Most people have came across meeting or even have one of their friends that go to the extent of sarcasm for a great laugh and then they either are pulling a fast one on you and you’re just amazed by all the things that they have said.  You just are in total awe by the things that they have done with their day…

“You went to the Bahamas yesterday?!”

“Reallly?!  How was it?!”

“Oh it was great I shot a jackelope and then we went and snorkled in the ocean and I bought you a necklace that I saw at one of the vendor’s cart.  He was very nice he even gave me a bottle of his finest liquor but the airport security didn’t let me take the bottle.  Oh here’s the necklace!” (hands you the jewelry)

“Oh wow, how nice!  Thank you it’s beautiful!”Go to fullsize image

“Sure no problem at all!  You should have come it was a pretty quick flight!  Put it on I want to see how it looks on you!”

(Tries it on) “What do you think!?”

“Yeah, it looks great totally matches your eyes!”

Some off-the-wall commentary and out of sorts scenario would just be quite an eyebrow raiser to some but in this moment the surprise of the gift (more than likely bought at a local Dollar General) just makes it only too good to be true.  In the meantime your other friend standing there is looking off at your friend like what a total loser.

You really believe that?!  Now how amazing awful is that?!

976. Awkward silence


Nothing beats the moment when you’re in a heated debate and you’ve exhausted all you can say and then there comes the moment of silence, no not the one after the pledge of allegiance.  The silence that has a pseudo creepy undertone of “what now”… no really what now?!  I don’t have anything else to say about this moment…




…….Awfully silent?!