907: Eye boogers

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Wake up to a Baker’s Crust of gunk in your eye!  Time to wake up to another joyous day of fun filled work, endless daunting chores, and a laundry list of mindless tasks.  Wipe wipe away the world awaits you!

Awfully crusty!

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951. Walking down the sidewalk to the beat of a song, but off key

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So taking your leisurely walk down the block to jolt up your day.  You just finish uploading a fresh mix of songs to inspire your day and get the energy flowing. Nothing could go wrong for you this fine morning.

As you check the weather online

Pick out the cool workout attire

You set your shoes on and

Out the door for a good round or so.

Now as you cue up your music you start feeling the energy come alive and then you skip a song or two and it’s that song you wanted that gets you in the energy crazed mood.  You want to dance in the streets – but you can’t.  You want to sing out loud – but you have no voice.  So what do you do?

You walk to the beat of the music.  That’s right it’s all you!  You’re workin’ it.  Get it Get it!  You’re on fire!  That’s okay if the cars down the street see you doin’ your thing.  Cause it’s your song.  Own the moment.

Then you trip up badly on the sidewalk not noticing the uneven pavement.  Go to fullsize image

It’s okay…no one saw you until you hear

HONK!!!!! HONK!!!!!!

Saw that!

Now how awful is that?!

954. When your car freshner stops working

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On the road less traveled we are on the road trip of our life, we pack the car and get things suited up only to find out that there is a lingering odor coming from the car.  You just remembered vacuuming it a few weeks ago and putting in a new car freshner tree and can’t help but sniff yourself to check that it isn’t you.


Well as you search for the origin of odor you continue to pack up and stock pile your car with essentials.  As you are getting in and turning on the ignition you then look over at the rear view mirror and see your pine tree hanging ever so haphazardly in the sunlight like a dried up raisin in the sun.

Crusted over and smelled for full freshness it looks like the tree needs to be chopped down and replaced with a new one now it just smells like old moldy…

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Now how awful is that smell?!

963. Realizing what more you could have done in the day

As a year comes starts back up, most people tend to ask apart from how you’re going to celebrate the new year but also what were the best moments of the last decade of your life?

As much as we get so pulled into our daily work lives and the social paradigm of who’s doing what and where we are all going, that the days just fly right by us.  Keith Urban’s song “Days Go By” just really encapsulates the thought that whether we realize it the days are just slipping away!

“We think about tomorrow then it slips away
We talk about forever but we’ve only got today”

So before you realize that you haven’t done anything of all, sit down in a quiet space for 5 minutes: turn off the TV, turn off your phone, turn off your mp3 and just close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Soak in the minute and think of all the great things you’ve done this year – all of the fantastic moments, but then think of what you want but never got to do….

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realizing what time left there is and run out of the door and do it!!!!

Then as you rush out of the door in such great enthusiasm you trip on the doorway, now how awful is that?!

974. When the lightbulb sparks when it goes out

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There is nothing scarier than the thought of being electrocuted, but what really happens to capture the frightening moment is whenever you go into a room or turn on a lamp and the bulb “sparks” for a quick second and shuts off.  Then there you are for a half moment in time thinking where you can find a lightbulb and so you have to go and find a bulb and replace it which is even worse at night.  Bulbs can be quite as tricky as batteries, so stock up!

Nothing but 80 watt bulbs in the house, guess I want to light up a restaurant cafe…how awful is that?!

977. Déjà vu

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You’re walking down the sidewalk and you pass by a sandwich shop and you  go inside and stop for a quick 15 seconds and think, wait, did I just go here?  Then your friends call you over and then start talking about a topic of interest that seemed like it happened just yesterday.  Is it coincidence or just déjà vu?

The phenomenon of  déjà vu oddly occurs in events such as these the similar locations, sounds, and sights, sounds, smells are reminiscent of a familiar time.  One that could have already occurred.

You can find it occurs in many items and events such as music artist reinventions, TV shows with spin offs and reboots, video games that are continually updated, movies with remakes and comebacks of 3D style, fashion with the in’s and out’s of trendy items, and most notably in history where events are mirrored to repeat itself.

So in all of these moments when you think it could have happened and it did it just might have, now how awful is that?

979. Realizing “what in the world did I just do with the last 10 years” of my life?

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Every December as the year comes to a close we prepare to reflect on what was and will be?  There comes a list of “Best of…” and the list of Worst of…” for that particular year, but if you’ve ever chronicled what you’ve done in highlights of each year for the decade, have you done all you could’ve done?  Is there more out there waiting yet to be discovered?

Don’t feel like time is slipping away, there is always a second longer to get in that extra laugh – just go out there and make the best of it, because as the next 10 years roll by quickly ahead, you’ll realize I could’ve wondering, now how awful is that?!

Make the most out of your 1st Day! Awfully Amazing!