880: Pollen Dust

Go to fullsize imageSo apparently vehicles have gone from black, red, white to now entirely yellow.  The springtime welcomes with a light “snow” trailing of that yellow fiend pollen.  The all might inducer of stuffy noses, itchy eyes, and bad sneezing.  Pollen counts are off on the rise from day-to-day.  Just walking outside my place it was a field of pollen sprawled across the breezeway.  Swirling around in a daze it washed my car from clean to covered in this yellow powdery substance. 

No need to wash my car, the trees will wash it back to yellow for me – how awful is this going to be until summer starts?!

970. Getting caught dusting your furniture with household objects

Go to fullsize imageFor some reason I cannot gather the true concept of dusting.  Some biweekly ritual of wiping off recollected dust on a nightstand, book shelf, or coffee table only to make it look shiny and it regather in the same spot a few days after looking even thicker than before….

it’s just the most heinous task ever and really just seems pointless!  Well nothing beats a moment where you are setting up a DVD player or moving your movies or items off a bookstand and there is just a collection of your friend – dust!

So instead of letting it sit there and have your friends think that you are just untidy you go to wipe it down.  Not really wanting to walk across the house and grab a damp paper towel and furniture polish, you look around for the closest object you can find:

No sock.    No t-shirt.  Oh look a blanket!  It’s okay they’ll never know they are just using it for a quick night’s sleep!

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As you grab the blanket and wipe and set it back down you notice one of your house guests that was visiting that night was standing there the whole time watching you in your thought process.  Then asks, “Did you just wipe that shelf with their sleeping blanket?!”


Now how awful is that?!

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