886: Bad Holiday Photos with the Easter Bunny

Inspired by  “50 of the World’s Worst Easter Bunnies” post from Colt Monday

Widget_angp1g7nvi-7hyqxc2yvdjOh how I love the spring holiday when allergies begin to flair, watery eyes, itchy skin, and best of all Easter! The next few posts will be in honor of the upcoming holiday to which I always enjoy!  Let’s start with that giant white furry mascot the Easter Bunny!  Nothing is more scarier to any infant, toddler, or child under the age of 9 than an oversized bunny with a permanent smile and giant eyes waving at you!

The bunny is always excited and eager to make sure you have an egg-celent time.  Parents from all the corners of the Earth go and get their children dressed up to take pictures and stand in line hours on end to pay an overpriced photo of a giant bunny and your child probably holding a plastic egg or looking aloft in the distance with a fake butterfly on their finger and a doey eyes wonder as the bunny creepily waves!

As you can see on the post above from Colt Monday those are some wicked bunnies! At least we can be thankful that Frank from Donnie Darko isn’t there waiting for us to travel through a wormhole to Easterland for the special egg hunt, now how awful is that!


891: Leaving your wallet in the car at the check out line

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Nothing says I’m just as forgetful as all get out when you’ve checked out a grocery cart full of items and then at the moment the total is chimed that you realized you left your wallet in the car.  All you have is a quarter in your pocket.  As you frantically search your pockets you are stunned to realize that it fell out of your pocket in the small space in the crack of the car.  Nice!

Don’t dare turn back to look at the long line behind you at the after work shopper’s rush.  The guy behind you isn’t glaring at you but think how awfully much of a dummy you are for forgetting.

898: Items that are Misplaced in the Clearance Bin


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60% off, BOGO sale, Sale of the century!  No matter if it’s the liquidation sale and if the building is on fire sale, stores are always out to find the quickest buck and get you out to buy their products.  But nothing beats the feeling of finding a good sale.  Especially on a hard-to-find unique item.  So you check it out, look at it try it on if you have to, or you might just hide it way way way below the sale bin in hopes no one can find it.  That way you can go home get the extra stash money you have to get the item.  

Now that you got this one-of-a-kind sale item you happily walk it over to the counter.  and the cashier rings up the products and as you get to your sale item you watch the register as it magically displays the sale item.  To your astonishment the item was not for sale.  You claim that you found the item in the clearance section, a price check is done and it’s found that it was placed there by accident…

Yeah now how awfully misleading is that?!

899: When someone waves at you, but doesn’t

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So you’re sitting in the cafeteria area of the mall and you’re waiting for your friend to meet you at the mall.  You just ordered a slammin’ burger at the BK Lounge and you are just chompin away when you see someone wavin’ at you at the mall.  It looks like your friend and you put down your sandwich and smile and wave back. Then you see the person give you an uncertain smile only to turn back and look that the wave wasn’t for you it was for someone behind you.  Embarrassing…

Other bad waves of excitement:

* The “You, Me, Are you sure?!” wave: you’re walking at the mall and someone you see waves at you from a floor above you stop and look around and then you point at yourself confused and then the person stalls shakes their head yes and then you oddly wave back to get either a hello or just a odd smile back with them waving back.  There went that cute date goodbye.

* The “Waiter I’m not calling you here!” wave:  The wave where you see your friend come by as you’ve saved them a seat and you motion them over and the waiter comes over asking if you need something…no no I don’t…

* The “I’m NOT wavin’ at you!!” wave: You’re exiting the theater and through the cattle call rush out of the theater after the credits are rolling your friend stops and you wave them back to you and as they step to the side someone looks back and confusingly waves to you.  Then you just wave them to the side and they continue to look confuse as you finally walk to your friend then glare at the person who tried waving at you.

* The “Hi neighbor.” wave: The elderly person that gives you the smug smile and waves at you from the side of the road as you drive by lost looking for your friend’s house

* The “Argh forget it” wave: You’re just tired of trying to explain your point, just forget it and wave it on by to totally dismiss your point!

* The “Oops I didn’t mean to cut you off” wave: Yeah thanks for driving closely with your cheesy smile and minutes from a near fatal accident.

* The “I meant goodbye not come here and talk to me for 10 minutes…I’m in a rush” wave: Yeah, I meant to discreetly say hi, not motion you over for lunchtime chatter.

Just awful altogether.

900: Losing an hour due to Daylight Savings


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Spring has finally arrived..Daylight Savings has come Spring forward and now we lose an hour?  More like Daylight Spending if you ask me.  Do you get it back – sure we have to wait till the end of fall but I want an extra hour of sleep.  Oh well, don’t forget to set your clocks forward!

Now how awful is that?!

Further Reading:

* Daylight Savings Time

* What to do with an extra hour of light

903: People Who Can’t Make Up Their Mind

Thanks to Justin J:

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“An awfully annoying moment is when people can’t make up their mind at a convenient time.  Like you’re driving towards someone’s house cause they want you over to hang out and 3/4ths of the way there they tell you that they’re sorry that they can’t hang out.  So you turn back and half way home from the point you turned around then they change their mind and then they say come back.

So you decide to park to make sure that they are sure about what they have decided and they take 20 minutes to decide and end up saying I’m sorry again I can’t hang out after all.  I have work in the morning it’s getting late we can hang out some other time.”

What is that all about?!  When that other time is…who knows?  Why they changed their mind…who knows?  But what we do know is that this is awfully annoying and isn’t any bit cheap on gas!

912: When the item in the display doesn’t match up as closely as what you expected

Chicken Soup Catastrophe

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Today at a restaurant I was sitting with my best friend and her and I were ordering a quick and simple lunch meal.  Well on the menu it read Lunch special for the day was bowl of soup and grilled cheese sandwich.  We thought why not go for that?!

We asked the waitress what the soup of the day and the response was “probably chicken soup” and then told us about other lunch specials.  After she left we e at each other and said “probably” well that probably should have been our clue to not consider this edible option but we thought why not have a broth like soup with chicken and veggies to warm us up on the cool afternoon.

Well needless to say shortly thereafter we got the plate and was told that the plate was hot and that the soup would be a bit cool since they set it out and then waited for the grilled cheese.  There were 3 things wrong with the order when set in front of us:

  1. First off, thank you for the honesty but why still send us poorly served food  Ask us if we want to wait longer or option out the soup to get reheated if necessary.
  2. Secondly, this is not the standard chicken soup broth like mix it was more of a chowder pot pie like thickness.  Added to the fact the waitress told us that the crock pot was slow and the noodles mushed together.
  3. Finally, it’s cool to near cold.  I did find a “hot spot” and decided to fold over the soup thinking the middle was hot and it would evenly distribute the heat.  Apparently it was cold all the way around.

Well I’m not a fan of resending food but it was properly heated and my friend didn’t get charged since it wasn’t what was displayed or conceived to taste or look.  What a lunch disaster.

Bouquet Puke-eh?!

Thanks to Lindsey R for this inspiration.

As you can see above the upper left hand photo displays a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were to be sent to my friend.  Apparently when ordered a week before Valentine’s, and on the the day of the holiday when delivered they looked like the following 3 photos to the right.  Embarrassing, I know that love shall never die but need the flowers die before it can prosper and bloom?   Who wants wilted flowers half way hanging onto their lives?

Now how awfully deceiving is that?!