920. Birthdays and aging a new decade

A race to the finish featured by cake wrecks

So today  is my birthday, I turn 30.

What I found rather interesting within the week a lot of people asking me what am I going to do to celebrate what are my plans? Everyone just awaits to hear what you’ll do.  Yet when you ask if they’ll celebrate with you they’re all of a sudden busy or don’t have money.  For me a time playing a board game or watching a at home movie maybe even baking cookies is enough.

Yet when it comes to the thought when you exit your 20’s what is there to do?!?  How do you really celebrate 30? 40? or even 50?  Yay to being one year closer to death? Your early years like turning 1 and 5 and then your teens and 20’s come with great excitement you wait to be 15 to get your permit, sweet 16’s and the age to drive, 18 to be legal and no longer a minor, 21 to drink, and 25 to get lowered car insurance – but what’s after that?!  After 25 you start to notice time goes by faster and before you know it your 27, 29 and woah 30!

Well as one comes to an exit of the immature years now you become what I call are the SUPER 20’s it’s just a graduate version of that no longer defined as a person who is young and dumb but a bit more noble and respected for being a bit more aged.

Thank you to everyone for all of your birthday wishes via text, comments online, and cards.  Guess I can look forward to Aug 26 my new half birthday, a bench mark day to growing closer to another year coming closer to a close!  Now how awful is that?!

933. When you dunk your cookie in milk and it breaks off

Go to fullsize imageNothing is anymore fun than taking a cookie like an oatmeal or Oreo and getting to dunk it in a cold glass of fresh milk.  Only the bad part is when you dunk the cookie for a few seconds that it begins to melt in between your fingers and fall off into the milk and make a soggy grave at the bottom of your cup.  As it falls it splashes into the cup causing the milk to splash in your face and all on the counter.  So the cookie must sit there and wait until you are done with your dunkfest.

Go to fullsize imageAs you finish the few extra cookies you drink the milk and the last cookie slowly sludges its way into your mouth all bloated and mushy.

Now how awfully tasty is that?!

955. Getting all your numbers called on a raffle ticket except

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as you sit there hoping they will call your number, c’mon 8, c’mon… 4

Great and just when you thought you could win that 32″ plasma HD Flat Panel LCD TV

Maybe I’ll have a chance at winning a year supply of diapers, oh well.  just when all the good prizes are gone now all the cheapy ones are left.

Awfully close?!

957. When your child is off running around while you are doing a task

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It always seem that toddlers and little children happen to know when the best time to strike and create their own little world of excitement.  As a parent one thing to know is that you do not want to go somewhere and be publicly humiliated or embarrassed on behalf of their actions (funny how tables turn when they become tweens).

Well as I was waiting for a set of keys to be delivered tome today  sat in the lobby just looking over some forms reviewing my recent meeting when I observed in the lobby of the recreation center a mother and her mother (the grandmother) filling out the registration form to sign up their children for ballet classes.  The two women intently talking about the course and mom filling out the form with accuracy were so engrossed in the process.  They were so engrossed they weren’t noticing what the two little girls were off doing on the side.  As I sat there in awe and laughter I watched the ship slowly sink into the water.

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It started off simply with the “oh we get to walk around” the girls walk at first seemingly 4 or 5 or so they are giddish with laughter and then the toddler version of “walking” turns into chase because breaking it down children must run everywhere.  Walking isn’t instilled in their mental realm yet.  If only we are this energetic at 35.  Anyhow they start chasing each other and begin to hold onto the spiral upward ramp looking between the gap of the railing and wall to see their mother and wave giggling.  Then they stand over by the column and then become fascinated by the plastic tube stand for recycled batteries.  One girl tilts it toward her and starts yelling in it while the other goes back to wave to her mom.

After wards when the girl tries to reach for the batteries then goes off and in a jibberish talk goes to the end of the table and then runs away and laughs hiding behind the column with her sister.  Then the other girl does the same.  Then they repeat this run to the table-babble-run off process for about 2 minutes.  Sitting there I laugh cause it looks so funny but the parents are sooooo intent on filling out the papers that can they not see what is going on?! Wow!

Then the best part comes just as in a bank they have the line dividers and the kid’s run between and underneath them giggling and yelping in excitement and then one girl falls in surprise.  Still no parent reaction…. until this…. the receptionist comes out behind the desk and ask the mom to get ahold of the girls and asks them to be quiet since it’s making it hard for them to answer the phone and blocking the pathway for members entering the building (as they are running all over).

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It was only at that moment the mom looked up mortified and then reacted to their children’s actions – passing time of childlike antics 8 minutes.

Now how awfully embarrassing is that?!

960. Getting a mystery can of shaken soda

We’ve all done it once or thought about it, just getting a can of soda and just shaking it up and popping the top to watch it explode!  The sheer excitement of watching it pour out and shoot out like fireworks is always a moment of wonder and enthusiasm.

Just don’t do it to your co-worker, friend, or family member during a serious moment in time – they’ll surely get an unplesant surprise.  [SHake] [SHAKe] [SHAKE] surprise!!!!!

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Feeling thirsty?!  Just be wary when opening up that can just handed to you!  Nothing ruins an outfit better than soda all over your clothes, fun to watch, but not wiping off your new shirt!  Now how awful is that to clean up?

964. Getting to know you games

In a feeble attempt of ice breakers nothing is more mortifying then having to do a few of these 5 peculiar ice breaker games, for some it’s  great way to connect with others, but for some it can be a tragedy:

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1. Name BINGO – Go find someone who has 2 vowels in their name and sign it, Go find someone who knows what LOL means and sign it…. this rush to find people is a bit silly but ends up being a circle of passing a piece of paper and not really caring who the person is and just being the first to have all the signatures filled out.

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2. Find a person and find out 3 facts – You stand around and you search and for some people they can up and connect and then others are the “you’ll come and find me” and then you have to intro yourself play nice and then learn 3 odd things about them.  Great if you make a great start, but odd if you just have “tumbleweed” conversation and you’re sitting there like ummmm…..

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3. The Name Train – Stand in a circle one person says, “Hello what’s your name?” to one person and they say their name “Eric!” Then the person in the middle introduces themselves and  then says ERiC! ERIC! ERIC! and does a side to side hand motion – ALL ABOARD! then they stand in front and then does a chug a chug noise and goes to the next person.  Then Eric goes and repeats to a new person in the circle JULIE! and then they introduce all the people in the train then say JULIE! JULIE! JULIE! and repeat and throw up! and have fun!

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4. The Picnic – I think the picnic wore its timely vacation spot where again everyone is in a circle and they then say my name is Zachery and I brought an apple to the picnic, then the person to the right says that person is Zachery he brought an apple and my name is Isabelle and I brought an antelope to the picnic, repeat until the circle is done.  Last person unfortunately has to name every person and item brought to the picnic, yikes better be no ants!

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5. The Toilet Paper Share – Tear off a few sheets of paper and for each “square” you share a fact.  Just plain “crappy” if you got a long string full!

So play these games or just stare off and sigh it’ll all be over shortly – by the way what’s your name again?  Oh, right…. awful!?

980. Your fav toy as a kid was made out of cardboard

So you couldn’t get what you really wanted this holiday, but really who cares…you have a cardboard box!  That’s right!  It was anything you’d want it to be: a plane, a castle, a house, a litter box, a race car.  It was the prized possession of any young kid.  A home away from home, don’t throw away that box for my new Christmas bike!  It’s going to be my new fort!

cardboard house Chairs.cardboard-furniture Bookcase.

https://i1.wp.com/farm4.static.flickr.com/3645/3608731099_941d60700d.jpg A castle.

Race Car Party (Birthday ... car races.

https://i2.wp.com/www.geekologie.com/2008/06/30/cardboard-bike.jpg A bike.

Go to fullsize image A dollhouse.

https://i2.wp.com/www.ourlosbanos.com/snapshots/relay-for-life-6-7-08/DSC_0001.jpg A tank.

Go to fullsize image Cat Bed or Litter box.

A mancave.

Awfully fun!

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