884: Easter Egg Hunts

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You would think oh how fun, but I find that there are 5 reasons why I think that although this exciting adventure may b a fun romp in the field, it can be quite an upsetting experience!

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5. Hard to reach eggs: if they are in the muddy banks or in a spot where you have to help find a friend to give you a “boost” to reach in the tree.

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4. Money eggs: Hidden eggs that have only a penny in it  or just a piece of paper that says “You’re egg-static!”, what no dollar?!

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3. Overacheiver hunters: People who aren’t part of the Easter egg hunt who find it after you’ve hid it in a park and claim that “the didn’t know” as they eat the candy and litter the empty shell and then walk away with a bag full of eggs.

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2. Bad weather during an egg hunt.

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1. Adult eggs hunts: They are for kid’s you never see them planned for adults, sure they can “play” along, but where are they at?!

Just step on my egg-citement like a rotten egg why don’t you, guess I’ll have to go back to my Hatchlings app and hunt for virtual eggs – maybe that’s better and less awful of an option!

908: When your mom calls for you in the middle of a hard level

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Nothing is ever so annoying when you’re really in an intense round of say Halo 2 or Mario Brothers 3 and then you get called across the house and the to appease the call of notions you say WHAT?!!


You continue to play only to wait for a reply then you pause the game and throw down the controller to walk to the kitchen and then stand at the doorway.  “Hey sweetie can you get this can out off the top shelf?!”

Really?!  You interrupted my game for that, just crawl up on the counter or use a phone book.  I’m trying to beat the evil boss geesh!  Then right as you come back you turn on the game and then you die in the game.  Now how awfully interruptive is that?

920. Birthdays and aging a new decade

A race to the finish featured by cake wrecks

So today  is my birthday, I turn 30.

What I found rather interesting within the week a lot of people asking me what am I going to do to celebrate what are my plans? Everyone just awaits to hear what you’ll do.  Yet when you ask if they’ll celebrate with you they’re all of a sudden busy or don’t have money.  For me a time playing a board game or watching a at home movie maybe even baking cookies is enough.

Yet when it comes to the thought when you exit your 20’s what is there to do?!?  How do you really celebrate 30? 40? or even 50?  Yay to being one year closer to death? Your early years like turning 1 and 5 and then your teens and 20’s come with great excitement you wait to be 15 to get your permit, sweet 16’s and the age to drive, 18 to be legal and no longer a minor, 21 to drink, and 25 to get lowered car insurance – but what’s after that?!  After 25 you start to notice time goes by faster and before you know it your 27, 29 and woah 30!

Well as one comes to an exit of the immature years now you become what I call are the SUPER 20’s it’s just a graduate version of that no longer defined as a person who is young and dumb but a bit more noble and respected for being a bit more aged.

Thank you to everyone for all of your birthday wishes via text, comments online, and cards.  Guess I can look forward to Aug 26 my new half birthday, a bench mark day to growing closer to another year coming closer to a close!  Now how awful is that?!

942. Blowing on a video game just to make it work

Tech Support

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Nothing’s more fun then going back through your old game systems and playing a few old classics on the Atari or NES and then having to mess around with the games just to get them to work.

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Featured to the right is one the versions of the Atari game system that had two controllers and came with a selection of simple video games like Pitfall (shown left) Pac Man, Donkey Kong (where Mario first appeared), Centipede, Chopper Command, Frogs & Flies, Asteroids, and many more favorites!

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Featured to the left the first NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) released in 1985 that came with the Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt Game, Super <b>Mario</b> <b>Brothers</b>/Duck Hunt (shown right) two controllers, and a game gun.  As you can see in the upper left the Power and Reset button to the right the input plugs for the game controllers (lower left) and the game cartridge gate to close over the game to prevent meddling and dust.

You would either have to try a few of these popular methods to get your video games to work:

Go to fullsize image“Rubbing” the game inside the console:  You would take the top head or the indentation of the game as it slid into the NES and you would rub the groove of the cartridge back and forth until it would activate the game screen and then slowly let go of the game and be careful not to shut the cartridge gate too fast because if you did then you would have to restart the process!

Go to fullsize image“Doublestacking” the games: Sometimes you’d have to take one game and place it into the cartridge dock and to “hold the game down” you would have to insert a different game on top to hold the game and let go just so the game would be recognized.  You couldn’t shove it in there and then let go because it would sometimes not read it right away, this took a bit of practice just like the “rubbing” process (see above).

Cleaning and/or “Blowing” on the game cartridge: sometimes to clear the debris and dirt/dust build up you would have to clean it carefully with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol or just breathe on the bottom of the game for 1-3 seconds like a harmonica from one side to the other just to get it to work.

If all else fails…

“Tap” the game system on top or throw against the wall: just as it says it’s okay if it’s a lil defective a little vented frustration on the game system won’t hurt it at all!  Either the game will pick back up and work or you’ve just destroyed it!

Go to fullsize imageGood luck on your journey to antique gaming!

Now how awfully destroyed is that?!

955. Getting all your numbers called on a raffle ticket except

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as you sit there hoping they will call your number, c’mon 8, c’mon… 4

Great and just when you thought you could win that 32″ plasma HD Flat Panel LCD TV

Maybe I’ll have a chance at winning a year supply of diapers, oh well.  just when all the good prizes are gone now all the cheapy ones are left.

Awfully close?!

957. When your child is off running around while you are doing a task

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It always seem that toddlers and little children happen to know when the best time to strike and create their own little world of excitement.  As a parent one thing to know is that you do not want to go somewhere and be publicly humiliated or embarrassed on behalf of their actions (funny how tables turn when they become tweens).

Well as I was waiting for a set of keys to be delivered tome today  sat in the lobby just looking over some forms reviewing my recent meeting when I observed in the lobby of the recreation center a mother and her mother (the grandmother) filling out the registration form to sign up their children for ballet classes.  The two women intently talking about the course and mom filling out the form with accuracy were so engrossed in the process.  They were so engrossed they weren’t noticing what the two little girls were off doing on the side.  As I sat there in awe and laughter I watched the ship slowly sink into the water.

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It started off simply with the “oh we get to walk around” the girls walk at first seemingly 4 or 5 or so they are giddish with laughter and then the toddler version of “walking” turns into chase because breaking it down children must run everywhere.  Walking isn’t instilled in their mental realm yet.  If only we are this energetic at 35.  Anyhow they start chasing each other and begin to hold onto the spiral upward ramp looking between the gap of the railing and wall to see their mother and wave giggling.  Then they stand over by the column and then become fascinated by the plastic tube stand for recycled batteries.  One girl tilts it toward her and starts yelling in it while the other goes back to wave to her mom.

After wards when the girl tries to reach for the batteries then goes off and in a jibberish talk goes to the end of the table and then runs away and laughs hiding behind the column with her sister.  Then the other girl does the same.  Then they repeat this run to the table-babble-run off process for about 2 minutes.  Sitting there I laugh cause it looks so funny but the parents are sooooo intent on filling out the papers that can they not see what is going on?! Wow!

Then the best part comes just as in a bank they have the line dividers and the kid’s run between and underneath them giggling and yelping in excitement and then one girl falls in surprise.  Still no parent reaction…. until this…. the receptionist comes out behind the desk and ask the mom to get ahold of the girls and asks them to be quiet since it’s making it hard for them to answer the phone and blocking the pathway for members entering the building (as they are running all over).

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It was only at that moment the mom looked up mortified and then reacted to their children’s actions – passing time of childlike antics 8 minutes.

Now how awfully embarrassing is that?!

960. Getting a mystery can of shaken soda

We’ve all done it once or thought about it, just getting a can of soda and just shaking it up and popping the top to watch it explode!  The sheer excitement of watching it pour out and shoot out like fireworks is always a moment of wonder and enthusiasm.

Just don’t do it to your co-worker, friend, or family member during a serious moment in time – they’ll surely get an unplesant surprise.  [SHake] [SHAKe] [SHAKE] surprise!!!!!

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Feeling thirsty?!  Just be wary when opening up that can just handed to you!  Nothing ruins an outfit better than soda all over your clothes, fun to watch, but not wiping off your new shirt!  Now how awful is that to clean up?