891: Leaving your wallet in the car at the check out line

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Nothing says I’m just as forgetful as all get out when you’ve checked out a grocery cart full of items and then at the moment the total is chimed that you realized you left your wallet in the car.  All you have is a quarter in your pocket.  As you frantically search your pockets you are stunned to realize that it fell out of your pocket in the small space in the crack of the car.  Nice!

Don’t dare turn back to look at the long line behind you at the after work shopper’s rush.  The guy behind you isn’t glaring at you but think how awfully much of a dummy you are for forgetting.

952. Remembering something to add to your cart while at the register

Submitted by Lindsey R:
Go to fullsize imageSo you finally get all of the things on your grocery list, plus a few extra “ooooo I want thats” and you settle yourself into the long line at checkout. After about twenty-five minutes you realize you are next and you begin placing your items on the counter. You think to yourself “sauer…kraut…..why did… See More I buy sauerkraut?” “Italian sausages…..oh crap, I forgot buns!!” If you are lucky enough to have someone with you, you can shout “RUN” and try to be as slow as possible unloading your items hoping that they make it back with the buns before you have to do the awkward ‘wait’ at the register (which we all know makes everyone in line so very happy). And if you are alone and have to go get the buns yourself…well, it’s back to the end of the line which has now doubled in length.
So by the time you stand there peeved at the process and look at the gossip
magazines in anger and end up buying 3 different issues and a pack of gum with some peculiar flavor like… 
Which will probably end up stuck on your shoe, but buy anyway.  Now how awful is that?!