883: Pouring a bowl of cereal only to realize you have no milk

Thanks to Brandon E:

Got the midnight snack munchies?!

You wake up in the middle of the night and think what would really satisfy your hunger pangs and just settle it over till you have to wake up?


You moozy on over to the kitchen pick out the cereal (my fav Frosted Flakes) and you our out a great big bowl of cereal.  As you’re halfway awake you close back the cereal box and put it back in the cupboard.  As you go over to the fridge you stop, turn, and get a spoon.  You turn back and reach for the milk you stare.  No milk!

Huh?  You close the door and think to yourself maybe the light was too bright as you were squinting to find the container – you reopen the fridge door, oh no the milk container was behind the OJ.  You lift up the container and it nearly flies off the shelf.  Huh…that’s funny.  As you open up the spout and give it a sniff – yup fresh – you turn the container to pour…

Go to fullsize imagea drop of milk comes out! No milk, really..no milk.  Apparently it was a novel idea to drink the milk and leave the milk container in there empty – thanks roomie!  Now how awful is that when they wake up to find the empty container sitting at their nightstand in the morning!

887: When they run out of your fav seasonal candy

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So Easter is coming and I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s the best holiday out there.  Nothing is more fun than finding random hidden eggs and getting all dressed up to get dirty and then sitting by a giant rabbit and smiling!

Go to fullsize imageI always get excited because Peeps come out and now they have come  out in all sorts of color like green, pink, and blue apart from the standard yellow and now they have rabbits.  I think hey need to stick with standard chocolate rabbits, but what do I care I just can’t get enough peeps.  I know I went shopping yesterday and felt truly bad for m friend because she wanted pink bunnies and really they didn’t have any 😦  Sad face I know I even went up and down all the 500 checkout aisles at Walmart to see if they had them nope – not even close all chickens no rabbits!  They had every other color for the rabbits but no pink ones.

Well at least she got her Robin’s Egg candies.  Although she pouted it still wasn’t the same…now how awfully sad is that?!

889: Craving Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday

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…and they’re closed!


901: How’s the food?

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Why is it when   ask you “How’s the food?” that it never seems to fail that each time food is in my mouth?  I have to give them the “wait a minute” finger and then say it’s good or just nod my head in agreement not to make sure I’m not giving them the sign that I’m choking.

Then when they do ask they only take the word of one person at the table not everyone around, I mean what if my meal sucks?  Must they go by what one person says?!  Can there just be a thumbs up thumbs down rating system we use since they love to ask with our mouths full?

Now how awfully stuffed is my mouth the next time they ask?  I’ll probably just drop the food out my mouth and smile with excitement with two thumbs up.

902: Bad plate timing

So a friend and I were eating at a restaurant tonight that just opened in the new Peninsula Town Center.  Being it’s the weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s we figure not to go to a Pub since it would be crawling with people hollering “Woo hoo!” and turning green with beer in their hands.


We opt to try a new restaurant in the area which will name unnamed for the time being.  We wait for a few minutes and Go to fullsize imageadmire the decor in the lobby.  As we wait we finally are seated and then we order our food.  We notice that menu that is offered to us is not the actual menu but a sample menu before the main one gets premiered “soon” whenever that will be.  With only about 8 entrée items to pick from we choose the least likely of what looks not to be too extreme of a choice.

As we are waiting, one of the wait staff asks us if we have bread not even taking into account that there is obviously no bread on the table and hands us a basket of bread and a plate with purple cabbage, olives in various shades of green and two small slices of mild cheese.  The olive/cheese plate was very out of sort as my best friend and I looked at each other as to what to do with this plate so we tried the olive and ate the cheese.  Then the bread basket had a plastic sleeve like cracker “bread sticks” in there and no butter to be found for the bread.

Go to fullsize imageThe bread, house salad, and main entrée came out nearly seconds apart.  We hardly had time to even set up our salads on the salad plate before we even got to even then read for the bread now having to make space for the entrée.  All in all making this just a rushed hands all over attempt to enjoy this meal.  Now with the final breath we looked and waited to make sure that nothing else was going to come out to us then we began to eat.

Now how awful bad timing is that?!

910: The extra sauce that lingers in the carry out bag

Go to fullsize imageWhy is it that when you buy Chinese food it always seems to spill in the bag?!  No matter how careful you are to slowly go around curves or to slowly brake at red lights the sauce if delicious gooeyness just seems to get inside your bag!  Thus destroying your napkins now soaked in the gravy and all over your soy sauce and hot mustard packets!

Then when you open the container it drips all over the bag sticking to it now getting all over the table top, fingers, and hands.  Now how awfully messy is that?!

912: When the item in the display doesn’t match up as closely as what you expected

Chicken Soup Catastrophe

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Today at a restaurant I was sitting with my best friend and her and I were ordering a quick and simple lunch meal.  Well on the menu it read Lunch special for the day was bowl of soup and grilled cheese sandwich.  We thought why not go for that?!

We asked the waitress what the soup of the day and the response was “probably chicken soup” and then told us about other lunch specials.  After she left we e at each other and said “probably” well that probably should have been our clue to not consider this edible option but we thought why not have a broth like soup with chicken and veggies to warm us up on the cool afternoon.

Well needless to say shortly thereafter we got the plate and was told that the plate was hot and that the soup would be a bit cool since they set it out and then waited for the grilled cheese.  There were 3 things wrong with the order when set in front of us:

  1. First off, thank you for the honesty but why still send us poorly served food  Ask us if we want to wait longer or option out the soup to get reheated if necessary.
  2. Secondly, this is not the standard chicken soup broth like mix it was more of a chowder pot pie like thickness.  Added to the fact the waitress told us that the crock pot was slow and the noodles mushed together.
  3. Finally, it’s cool to near cold.  I did find a “hot spot” and decided to fold over the soup thinking the middle was hot and it would evenly distribute the heat.  Apparently it was cold all the way around.

Well I’m not a fan of resending food but it was properly heated and my friend didn’t get charged since it wasn’t what was displayed or conceived to taste or look.  What a lunch disaster.

Bouquet Puke-eh?!

Thanks to Lindsey R for this inspiration.

As you can see above the upper left hand photo displays a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were to be sent to my friend.  Apparently when ordered a week before Valentine’s, and on the the day of the holiday when delivered they looked like the following 3 photos to the right.  Embarrassing, I know that love shall never die but need the flowers die before it can prosper and bloom?   Who wants wilted flowers half way hanging onto their lives?

Now how awfully deceiving is that?!