899: When someone waves at you, but doesn’t

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So you’re sitting in the cafeteria area of the mall and you’re waiting for your friend to meet you at the mall.  You just ordered a slammin’ burger at the BK Lounge and you are just chompin away when you see someone wavin’ at you at the mall.  It looks like your friend and you put down your sandwich and smile and wave back. Then you see the person give you an uncertain smile only to turn back and look that the wave wasn’t for you it was for someone behind you.  Embarrassing…

Other bad waves of excitement:

* The “You, Me, Are you sure?!” wave: you’re walking at the mall and someone you see waves at you from a floor above you stop and look around and then you point at yourself confused and then the person stalls shakes their head yes and then you oddly wave back to get either a hello or just a odd smile back with them waving back.  There went that cute date goodbye.

* The “Waiter I’m not calling you here!” wave:  The wave where you see your friend come by as you’ve saved them a seat and you motion them over and the waiter comes over asking if you need something…no no I don’t…

* The “I’m NOT wavin’ at you!!” wave: You’re exiting the theater and through the cattle call rush out of the theater after the credits are rolling your friend stops and you wave them back to you and as they step to the side someone looks back and confusingly waves to you.  Then you just wave them to the side and they continue to look confuse as you finally walk to your friend then glare at the person who tried waving at you.

* The “Hi neighbor.” wave: The elderly person that gives you the smug smile and waves at you from the side of the road as you drive by lost looking for your friend’s house

* The “Argh forget it” wave: You’re just tired of trying to explain your point, just forget it and wave it on by to totally dismiss your point!

* The “Oops I didn’t mean to cut you off” wave: Yeah thanks for driving closely with your cheesy smile and minutes from a near fatal accident.

* The “I meant goodbye not come here and talk to me for 10 minutes…I’m in a rush” wave: Yeah, I meant to discreetly say hi, not motion you over for lunchtime chatter.

Just awful altogether.

906: Music videos has nothing to do with the lyrics

Go to fullsize imageRecently Lady Gaga (the outlandish fashionsita for wild clothing options) has come out with her premiere video for “Telephone”.  As interested as I was when I saw the image above I thought “OH NO! A phone on her head!  Well look who it is!”

Then again I give her props for some of the wild things you’ll see in her video such as her cigarette butt sunglasses, the dispelling of her being transgendered myth, girl-on-girl kissing, cursing, PlentyofFish website and Wonder bread product plugs, and more twitchy dancing.  The best part for me was at  1:38 with the girl’s shocked face on the bench.  Well here’s her video enjoy..or at least as it ends think of some other videos that make you wonder how in the world do they match up with their lyrics?!


909: When your phone drops in between the seat and door

As if we aren’t distracted enough between checking the texts at red lights, checking missed calls while on the road.  We really should just be focusing on driving.  We all know that but do we do it?  Sometimes we cringe because as one friend told me, “I can’t help but stay connected!”

Well as you reach to grab your phone as it rings and as you make sure you are staying safely in the lane you accidentally drop the phone in the space between the car and the door and can’t seem to grab it.  The phone neatly buzzes there looking at you laughing at you with it’s glowing little “1 Missed call” eyes.

As you reach the phone slides further between the crack and your hand isn’t thin enough to make the wedge to safely grab your phone.  Thankfully you’re at a red light now you can slide back your seat and reach but apparently you still can’t reach the phone.  So now you have to unbuckle your seatbelt crouch under your seat and grab the phone.


Green light and the car in front of you is half a block up the road!  Now how awful is that?!

918: When the social network IM stalls your other windows

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For avid users of social sites you should be fully aware that there is a small task bar in the lower right hand screen to share with you that your friends are online.  For those who are lazy and can’t pick up the phone and call this tends to be the quicker option than talking face to face.

As we click over to continue to read the news or write an elaborate email, maybe even write this post a “pop” noise alerts us a new message from “so & so” has arrived.  Sometimes stalling your writing or even switching windows altogether so you have to see the red [2] box and click on it to read.

What makes the messaging even better is when you write simultaneously as the other person and their incoming message stalls your message and you have to click of the IM box, minimize it, then reopen it to type all over again what you just wrote to send a simple item such as, “I’m good, how are you?”

Now how awfully stall…

ing is that?!

922. Supporting a Friend in Time of Loss

Grief, Sadness, and Sorrow – common signs of mourning a close related death or loss of a close friend and/or loved one.  Tonight I was struck by two pieces of news that just had me at a halt thinking why must this happen to us?  Need we suffer any more?

Go to fullsize imageFirst off I found out that my best friend has been in jail for over a month.  His roommate sent me a message telling me that he was caught up in a mixed charade of illegally downloaded material and now he is charged with up to serving 50 years in jail.  Although someone else was using his computer while he was in transition moving to a new location now he has to take the blame for someone else’s actions.

I just sat there stunned in reading this message.  I just did not know what to say anymore.  My heart just sank to think why must this person suffer like this.  Knowing that they didn’t do it but take the blame anyway?  What choice is that?  Unable to support the funds to get adequate legal representation there seems no other alternative.  So I await the pending news in random emails from the roommate in hopes that all is okay.

To add onto this deepened news a few minutes ago a close staff member of mine, now close friend has told me that she hasn’t been able to sleep the last few nights and hasn’t been to work.  She then tells me that her father is dying.  Again struck for words I could only wish her support in the upcoming loss and to be there to listen in her time of slow mourning and be a shoulder to cry upon.

Go to fullsize imageIt’s hard in either of these scenarios because you don’t just want to say “sorry” and it seem so bland and void of emotion.  yet how can you convey such stricken strife with words of encouragement when you know they are obviously torn inside?

These moments that strike us in the toughest of times only just leave us hurt and just bare within ourselves.

Now how awfully empty feeling is that?!

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927. Getting a wrong call

Go to fullsize imageIt’s the middle of the day on a Saturday afternoon and you’re just whittling away the day watching old DVD’s and relaxing.  Shortly the phone goes off and rings, you look at the number on the screen and vaguely recognize it.  You answer…

“Hello is James there? He owes me $20!”

“No this isn’t James?”

“Are you sure?”

(pauses) “Yes I’m quite sure there is no James here”

“Okay I’m sorry wrong number.”

As you look at the phone for few minutes weirded out.  At least I don’t owe   any money! Now how awful is that?

930. People who start a conversation then all of a sudden stop

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Whether it’s texting, commenting, or  instant messaging the quick messages to stop by and find out what’s happening in the lives of your friends.  It can always be a time filler for some and well a great interest of others.  Always a blast to catch up with some friends after a busy day and try to reconnect and escape the busy grind of your day.

The best part is when you are talking to someone on chat for the first time and the conversation seems to be flowing on a good wavelength and your laughing and carrying on about this that and the other.  Then all of a sudden you get (I’ll be right back and then…) SILENCE!

No real preparation just idle time waiting as you stare at the screen for 5 minutes … 10 minutes … then you just write are you there? busy? no reply…

Low and behold some two days later the person pops back up via text or IM and they don’t message you and you message them and they act like you’re bothering them.  Then they apologize and say that hey were busy and start talking like it was just nothing.  As confusion and frustration settles in you just sit there and wonder. o O (What was that all about?!)

Now how awfully.. hold on I’ll be right back