849. Still hearing Christmas Carols after the holiday is over

You’d figure after 3 or so months filled with these joyous carols that they would turn it off right after the big holiday, but apparently the season has not died since I believe they will be chiming in the holiday spirit till December 31st.

Is that the last official day to play the holiday music? 

Are people still in the cheery spirit or does it just irritate them any more?!  I haven’t seen any carolers this year so I guess it’s safe to say the spirit will slow down to make way for New year’s Eve frenzy!  How awful is that?

875: Thinking a song is new but finding out it’s not

Go to fullsize image Ever just listen to the radio and just find a song that’s catchy for that time in your life?  The song just happens to catch you at the moment that makes you feel that everything is right and stays in your mind.  You sign the song at work, in the office, or even on your way home  Then when you’re at your folks and while you’re in the kitchen signing that song you just can’t get out of your head mom just happens to stroll by…

Go to fullsize imageOh that was such a great song your dad and I danced to that song at our prom.  Only to find out that the song was never an original and it was just a remake of an older classic.  Well there goes those memories, awfully nostalgic right?!

906: Music videos has nothing to do with the lyrics

Go to fullsize imageRecently Lady Gaga (the outlandish fashionsita for wild clothing options) has come out with her premiere video for “Telephone”.  As interested as I was when I saw the image above I thought “OH NO! A phone on her head!  Well look who it is!”

Then again I give her props for some of the wild things you’ll see in her video such as her cigarette butt sunglasses, the dispelling of her being transgendered myth, girl-on-girl kissing, cursing, PlentyofFish website and Wonder bread product plugs, and more twitchy dancing.  The best part for me was at  1:38 with the girl’s shocked face on the bench.  Well here’s her video enjoy..or at least as it ends think of some other videos that make you wonder how in the world do they match up with their lyrics?!


951. Walking down the sidewalk to the beat of a song, but off key

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So taking your leisurely walk down the block to jolt up your day.  You just finish uploading a fresh mix of songs to inspire your day and get the energy flowing. Nothing could go wrong for you this fine morning.

As you check the weather online

Pick out the cool workout attire

You set your shoes on and

Out the door for a good round or so.

Now as you cue up your music you start feeling the energy come alive and then you skip a song or two and it’s that song you wanted that gets you in the energy crazed mood.  You want to dance in the streets – but you can’t.  You want to sing out loud – but you have no voice.  So what do you do?

You walk to the beat of the music.  That’s right it’s all you!  You’re workin’ it.  Get it Get it!  You’re on fire!  That’s okay if the cars down the street see you doin’ your thing.  Cause it’s your song.  Own the moment.

Then you trip up badly on the sidewalk not noticing the uneven pavement.  Go to fullsize image

It’s okay…no one saw you until you hear

HONK!!!!! HONK!!!!!!

Saw that!

Now how awful is that?!