964. Getting to know you games

In a feeble attempt of ice breakers nothing is more mortifying then having to do a few of these 5 peculiar ice breaker games, for some it’s  great way to connect with others, but for some it can be a tragedy:

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1. Name BINGO – Go find someone who has 2 vowels in their name and sign it, Go find someone who knows what LOL means and sign it…. this rush to find people is a bit silly but ends up being a circle of passing a piece of paper and not really caring who the person is and just being the first to have all the signatures filled out.

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2. Find a person and find out 3 facts – You stand around and you search and for some people they can up and connect and then others are the “you’ll come and find me” and then you have to intro yourself play nice and then learn 3 odd things about them.  Great if you make a great start, but odd if you just have “tumbleweed” conversation and you’re sitting there like ummmm…..

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3. The Name Train – Stand in a circle one person says, “Hello what’s your name?” to one person and they say their name “Eric!” Then the person in the middle introduces themselves and  then says ERiC! ERIC! ERIC! and does a side to side hand motion – ALL ABOARD! then they stand in front and then does a chug a chug noise and goes to the next person.  Then Eric goes and repeats to a new person in the circle JULIE! and then they introduce all the people in the train then say JULIE! JULIE! JULIE! and repeat and throw up! and have fun!

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4. The Picnic – I think the picnic wore its timely vacation spot where again everyone is in a circle and they then say my name is Zachery and I brought an apple to the picnic, then the person to the right says that person is Zachery he brought an apple and my name is Isabelle and I brought an antelope to the picnic, repeat until the circle is done.  Last person unfortunately has to name every person and item brought to the picnic, yikes better be no ants!

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5. The Toilet Paper Share – Tear off a few sheets of paper and for each “square” you share a fact.  Just plain “crappy” if you got a long string full!

So play these games or just stare off and sigh it’ll all be over shortly – by the way what’s your name again?  Oh, right…. awful!?

983. When you thought your name was special

Yeah so as cool as it is to even have a unique name and then find the meaning of your name, you’d think ok cool who else could be named like me? Until the one day at your job there is another staff member who shares the name name as you, wha—–?!!!  How can that be and how odd is that?!  So now you have to be Christopher A, how clever, eh?  and the other guy can be Christopher B.  No no but my name is Christopher Lee!

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Now if you want to feel less special go look your name up on a social network like I did for my name today and found 500+ plus on the search alone on one site.  Yeah, so about that cool name you have, but ya might feel your personality sets you apart, probably that’ll do!

Thought you were special, but guess not – now how awful is that?!