903: People Who Can’t Make Up Their Mind

Thanks to Justin J:

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“An awfully annoying moment is when people can’t make up their mind at a convenient time.  Like you’re driving towards someone’s house cause they want you over to hang out and 3/4ths of the way there they tell you that they’re sorry that they can’t hang out.  So you turn back and half way home from the point you turned around then they change their mind and then they say come back.

So you decide to park to make sure that they are sure about what they have decided and they take 20 minutes to decide and end up saying I’m sorry again I can’t hang out after all.  I have work in the morning it’s getting late we can hang out some other time.”

What is that all about?!  When that other time is…who knows?  Why they changed their mind…who knows?  But what we do know is that this is awfully annoying and isn’t any bit cheap on gas!

954. When your car freshner stops working

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On the road less traveled we are on the road trip of our life, we pack the car and get things suited up only to find out that there is a lingering odor coming from the car.  You just remembered vacuuming it a few weeks ago and putting in a new car freshner tree and can’t help but sniff yourself to check that it isn’t you.


Well as you search for the origin of odor you continue to pack up and stock pile your car with essentials.  As you are getting in and turning on the ignition you then look over at the rear view mirror and see your pine tree hanging ever so haphazardly in the sunlight like a dried up raisin in the sun.

Crusted over and smelled for full freshness it looks like the tree needs to be chopped down and replaced with a new one now it just smells like old moldy…

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Now how awful is that smell?!

971. Public rest stops

Stretch those buns! by Neal Gillis.

Ah, the joys of road trips with friends, family, or alone.  On the open road and the wind is destiny and so does the rest room because the urge has now exploded into  fury of urgency and half of the people in the car are hungry and you need directions because the GPS has taken you off course 18 miles.

Oh that illustrious rest stop – the haven to refuel, eat, potty, get our essentials and go.

Let’s deconstruct the peculiarity of this place:

Entryway: its always a zoo outside of cars because everyone in the nearest area code decided to go for a ride to visit this place, so good luck finding parking.  Most of these places look like retro lodges and the newer ones look like down town plazas.  Does this place have a directory?

Main Building: as with the recession most of the small rest stops have been cut out from the state since well they were underkept and hardly utilized.   But for the main houses of rest stop areas it can be a mall of selections ranging from the tacky tourist gift shop, sunglasses stand, “what is this name” restaurant, and dungeon-like restrooms.  They can be decorated with fine state history and a wall map of state’s roadways from 3 years ago.  The decor is pretty lack luster and it smells of a bowling alley.



Tacky Tourist Gift Shop: junky state key chain? Check. I love the state T-shirt? Check.  “All I got was this stupid mug” glassware? Check. Candy that’s been out of commission? Check. Snow globes odd scenery? Check.


Sunglasses Stand: you’ve seen them at the mall most likely; the knockoff brands off sunglasses that are so greatly priced 2 or $20.  They’ll look so good they’ll fall off by the time you leave the parking lot! Good luck if you get that sticker off the lens!


“What is this name” Restaurant?“: The people could be less than thrilled you are there.  Sure bring a party of 7, cause it sure beats service at your neighborhood family restaurant, wait time 45 min.  One page menu’s and that one employee with the name you can’t pronounce and 3 accent marks in it.  All on the order!, serve it up!

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Dungeon-like Rest room: As you slowly wait your turn, you walk around the corner to the corral of stalls complete with wet floors, tissue paper wadded on the walls, and  grungy sink counters.


Gas Station Phone/Plaza: Drive on up to the station where an attendant will fill you up (in some states) or will stare at you as they give you a pack of gum . o O (guess I should’ve got it at the Gift Shop).  Gas pump is slow as molasses and the oil spots are slicker than Walden Pond ice on a winter morning. Dare even go to the payphones that still exist as a cold reminder to keep your cell phones charged.

Back on the road and would you have guessed 15 min later someone has to use the rest room – again?!


Now how awful is that?!

982. When you lose the upclose parking spot


So you’re off to the mall or local store and you’re making your rounds through to the parking lot.  Not really in the mood for a mecca like jihad walk to the entrance of the store you start to shark around for a parking spot closer to the entrance.

As you pull around you see a spot on the other side of the row.  As you round the corner another car has pulled into that spot way before you could even claim it.  Geesh! miffed at the thought you continue your search only to find another one and as you approach another car the opposing direction waits too, so instead of being courteous because obviously you got there first they pull in and happily walk away!

Was that necessary?! As you cuss them out as you drive by…now how awful is that?!

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996. Forgetting your plate number

So you just got into college and you’re registering for an exciting new semester and at the student center’s registrar parking office they give you papers to fill out for a parking decal to put on your vehicle.  Finally, big student on campus you can drive your car to school! No more using mom and dad’s car!

You start filling out the form and you realize you just forgot your plate number, was a ZK-215? … ZJ-251? … no wait ZJ-215! No..no that can’t be it.

Who remembers stuff like this?!  Oh well I guess I’m going to have to my car and jot it down!

Then you realize that you parked across campus 2 1/2 blocks away!

Now how awful is that?!