891: Leaving your wallet in the car at the check out line

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Nothing says I’m just as forgetful as all get out when you’ve checked out a grocery cart full of items and then at the moment the total is chimed that you realized you left your wallet in the car.  All you have is a quarter in your pocket.  As you frantically search your pockets you are stunned to realize that it fell out of your pocket in the small space in the crack of the car.  Nice!

Don’t dare turn back to look at the long line behind you at the after work shopper’s rush.  The guy behind you isn’t glaring at you but think how awfully much of a dummy you are for forgetting.

893: Getting to the store at the cashier turnover time

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Late at night close to midnight seems to be the deadest time to go shopping at Walmart.  As much as I like Walmart at times I just found tonight to be quite annoying as I went to 3 Walmarts to find one item, I know I know just check online.  But when they don’t have the product you’re looking for the old classic store to store hunt is the only viable option. Each store looking a bit more distressed than before although the 2nd one was a lot more put together than the 3 and the final Walmart well they were retiling the floor, but what got me was the worker who just sat at his machine sitting there relaxing while everyone was working and glared at me with a death stare to get back to shopping!

Go to fullsize imageIf you’ve ever shopped at Walmart, one knows that nearly every night close to midnight that they always do a register shut down and all the registers are stalled for nearly 15 minutes.  To even add to the impatient timing, they close one set of the double doors.  Sometimes not always the same set one time it’s the grocery side the next time the retail side.  Who knows which side it will be and at exactly when will they shut it down?  Sometimes they don’t have employees redirect you there so you’re caught standing there waiting and in the upper UPPER right hand corner in a small note they have a post stating the doors are closed until 7:00 a.m. the next day.

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So as you finally get through the 25+ person line because they only have 2 registers open the 10 item or less (where you know some people have 25 items and you stand there looking at them with rage) whereas you only have a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and the latest Tuesday release DVD.  So once you get to the register they seem as upset as someone stepping on your toes and you make it through finally since the cashier decided to ring each of your items as slow as possibly and grunt a goodbye.

Thankfully I’m halfway awake to even care, now where did I park?  Great on the other side of the parking lot!  Now how awful is that?!

898: Items that are Misplaced in the Clearance Bin


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60% off, BOGO sale, Sale of the century!  No matter if it’s the liquidation sale and if the building is on fire sale, stores are always out to find the quickest buck and get you out to buy their products.  But nothing beats the feeling of finding a good sale.  Especially on a hard-to-find unique item.  So you check it out, look at it try it on if you have to, or you might just hide it way way way below the sale bin in hopes no one can find it.  That way you can go home get the extra stash money you have to get the item.  

Now that you got this one-of-a-kind sale item you happily walk it over to the counter.  and the cashier rings up the products and as you get to your sale item you watch the register as it magically displays the sale item.  To your astonishment the item was not for sale.  You claim that you found the item in the clearance section, a price check is done and it’s found that it was placed there by accident…

Yeah now how awfully misleading is that?!

901: How’s the food?

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Why is it when   ask you “How’s the food?” that it never seems to fail that each time food is in my mouth?  I have to give them the “wait a minute” finger and then say it’s good or just nod my head in agreement not to make sure I’m not giving them the sign that I’m choking.

Then when they do ask they only take the word of one person at the table not everyone around, I mean what if my meal sucks?  Must they go by what one person says?!  Can there just be a thumbs up thumbs down rating system we use since they love to ask with our mouths full?

Now how awfully stuffed is my mouth the next time they ask?  I’ll probably just drop the food out my mouth and smile with excitement with two thumbs up.

902: Bad plate timing

So a friend and I were eating at a restaurant tonight that just opened in the new Peninsula Town Center.  Being it’s the weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s we figure not to go to a Pub since it would be crawling with people hollering “Woo hoo!” and turning green with beer in their hands.


We opt to try a new restaurant in the area which will name unnamed for the time being.  We wait for a few minutes and Go to fullsize imageadmire the decor in the lobby.  As we wait we finally are seated and then we order our food.  We notice that menu that is offered to us is not the actual menu but a sample menu before the main one gets premiered “soon” whenever that will be.  With only about 8 entrée items to pick from we choose the least likely of what looks not to be too extreme of a choice.

As we are waiting, one of the wait staff asks us if we have bread not even taking into account that there is obviously no bread on the table and hands us a basket of bread and a plate with purple cabbage, olives in various shades of green and two small slices of mild cheese.  The olive/cheese plate was very out of sort as my best friend and I looked at each other as to what to do with this plate so we tried the olive and ate the cheese.  Then the bread basket had a plastic sleeve like cracker “bread sticks” in there and no butter to be found for the bread.

Go to fullsize imageThe bread, house salad, and main entrée came out nearly seconds apart.  We hardly had time to even set up our salads on the salad plate before we even got to even then read for the bread now having to make space for the entrée.  All in all making this just a rushed hands all over attempt to enjoy this meal.  Now with the final breath we looked and waited to make sure that nothing else was going to come out to us then we began to eat.

Now how awful bad timing is that?!

915: New & Improved & Made with Real Fruit Products

As I was off to buy a quick bag of sugar for my bland coffee in the morning, I walked past a few aisles and figured why not check out the cereals, because oatmeal can be only oh so delicious after a few days of the goulashlike mixture.

Wild! Grape Pop-TartsI paroozed the gallery of cereals and see some cereals that claim to be “New & Improved!”  now 20% more!  Then as I go towards the end of the aisles my favorite quicksnack Poptarts with the ever so delicious return of grape!!!!!  Oh how I missed grape!!!! They had it before but like most premiered products drifted away and now has returned better than ever now “Made with Real Fruit!

Now with all these advertising gimmicks I ask to you “New & Improved” if it’s the same cereal how is it new?  and If you add only a new design marshmallow to “Charm” us it really improved?  Let alone the snacks that are “Made with Real Fruit” what were in you in the first place?!  Dare I ask?!

Now how awfully misleading is that?!

919: Making a purchase and the alarm goes off at the door


Those little sensors hidden within the electronic games, DVD’s, and CD’s that we buy – well let’s just say any major electronic device that is of immense value cannot be easily taken out of the store.  We think we hold in the clearing after we believe the demagnitizer desensitizes the magnet in the product.  We take our purchase and make way leisurely towards the door and then the alarm goes off.

Then here comes everyone in the store looking at you and the other people walking out of the store looking back as you pause to look at your bag and then have to hand the staff at the doorway your receipt of purchase.  No it’s okay take an extra 5 more minutes to stroll over to an available register and try it again.  As you thank the employee you walk back over and it sets the alarm sensor back off.

The employees laughs and says go on through.  Well gee if it were that simple – hmmm…. Thank you for stalling all that time out of my life!  Now how awful is that?!