839: Red Marks Left on Your Face by Glasses

Tattooed Glasses

Hopefully it won't hurt this bad!

Well although these may come as complications it’s even harder when you readjust the frame to hold at a better grip to your face.  Then you’re off doing al your day’s chores, events, and tasks and then you come home throw down your keys and plop on the couch and take your glasses off.  The searing pain from the glasses weigh in on your face and you hold the spot by the bridge of your nose.  By pinching, we’re enforcing the impressions left by the glasses.  Walking into the bathroom we stand there to wash our face and see the marks left behind as they stare back at you, yup those marks left by the glasses.  Hello, look at me!


840. Burnt mini bags of popcorn

Just when you think you got the perfect time down right with the regular bags come the newfound mini bags!  Throw them suckers in the microwave one second too long and it’ll just happen to pilfer out a cinging scent, yup – just tared and smudged all over – that black smoldering taste of grit!


842. Making Up Snow Days at School

Well as we all enjoy a great day of snow, romping and playing around and not having to go back to school…the reality is you’ll have to make it up sometime later in the school year.  We found out today that they’re changing the Early School Release Day to a different day (a previously scheduled day off) and now making it a half day and the previous half day now a full day of school.  Phew!  Technical huh?  The high schoolers fairing off a bit more crazier seeing as they have almost a week full of half days and they are making it up almost the next few days at the end of this month.

So although it is exciting to see that the weatherman predicts several inches of snow, it isn’t exciting knowing you’ll have to make it up later on and at some time that’s the most inconvenient for you.  Oh well, not much we can do there about that since it’s more of a school board decision.


844. Butt Dialing

You get an off the wall phone call from one of your friends / family members and they ask you what that call “was all about”?!  They claim they could hear muffled conversation or music.  You go onto your phone call history and realized that your pocket dialed the number by accident and they were on the phone for 5 minutes.  Hopefully they didn’t hear about your strange date last night.


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845. Writing the old year down on paper


Did you forget the year has changed already?!

It’s quite an easy mistake when you’re swiftly writing out a check or filling out a form, just make sure not to do it again!

Happy NEW YEAR 2010 2011!

847. Happy New Year! I’m bored now…

So after all of the winter holiday hype is over: Christmas Channukah, Kwanzaa (don’t forget we still have 3 King’s Day Jan. 6th!!) and New Year’s Eve, now for most it’s just fell short into a new year of resolutions and just excitement that makes you want to have a long winter’s nap and for some children that are just dreading the near return back to school from winter vacation the “b”word of boredom starts to emerge.

What do you do now that new year has come in and you’ve burned up the excitement of your holiday toys…..any ideas?!   Just sitting in the room and looking out the window letting out a long sigh….ughhhhhhhhhhhhh……..how awfully boring!!