939. Puppy tears up his pillow

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Puppies, those cute little versions of dogs that whimper and whine for our affection. How we go “aww” when we see them in the store window. Yet when we finally go and select one, get papers, shots, and naming the puppy settled, and take it home comes the matter of house training the puppy.

You go out and make a space for the puppy in your home and you just let your puppy walk around and looking all scared you pick up puppy and tour him around the home. He sits shaking on the kitchen floor only to welcome his housewarming with a fresh yellow puddle.

So now begins the joy of his journey, after some months have passed you go home and bring him a puppy pillow for his crate and he just loves it. After a long tiring day at work you come home to see not fragments but chunks of his pillow tore up all over the floor. He’s just sitting there looking at you with his sad little eyes like oops!

So in a fit of fRuStRaTiOn you pick up the pieces and there you have a present waiting for you in the middle of the floor and it’s not chocolate. Now how awful is that?!