913: People that talk to you closely with bad breath

Go to fullsize imageWhy must you stand so close to me and prolong your words with long drawn out letters?  I can hear what you’re saying at a farther distance away from me!  It really makes matters worse when it’s like your boss or someone important and you really don’t want to hurt their feelings so you subtly offer them gum.

Then they ask oh is it my breath?  Yet they laugh a little and say no I was a bit hungry.  For gum, really – who gets hungry for gum? Yeah your breath does smell and stop standing uncomfortably close to me!

Now how awful smelling is that?!

954. When your car freshner stops working

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On the road less traveled we are on the road trip of our life, we pack the car and get things suited up only to find out that there is a lingering odor coming from the car.  You just remembered vacuuming it a few weeks ago and putting in a new car freshner tree and can’t help but sniff yourself to check that it isn’t you.


Well as you search for the origin of odor you continue to pack up and stock pile your car with essentials.  As you are getting in and turning on the ignition you then look over at the rear view mirror and see your pine tree hanging ever so haphazardly in the sunlight like a dried up raisin in the sun.

Crusted over and smelled for full freshness it looks like the tree needs to be chopped down and replaced with a new one now it just smells like old moldy…

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Now how awful is that smell?!