857: Facebook Disease

That infamous website where everyone seems to be craving every social session of our lives where we must know “what are we doing?’  Do we really need to know what you’re having for dinner?  or that you’re stuck in traffic? A post was added today by “theextinctexistentialist” bringing up a great point about a symptom called “facebook fatigue”, read about the droning symptoms of the fatigue and other hasty symptoms by clicking below…

* I think I have FB Fatigue, resuce me!

** I don’t have FB fatigue, you must be the crazy one!!

*** I think I love it, but I think I don’t am I seeing things?!!

**** I’m all better the symptoms are gone…or at least I think they are


972. When a staff/students wants to be friends on a social site


You have a new friend request!

Oh cool, and as you check it out you realize it’s a staff member that works for you.  Do you really want to have them looking at your information?  Unless you have some secret double life where does the lie get drawn?  Yes we get along at work and I’m all about the positive work environment and fostering affluent communication, but on a social site?  To add or not to add?  What a tricky decision, more so declined.

For the educators out there (teachers, camp counselors, professors) when students want to befriend you, the question does pop in your head, but a student from say you babysat or taught in camp some 5 years ago that is now grown up? Yowsers, makes you feel a bit old – how awful is that?!