967. Messy Food

Nothing more annoying, embarrassing, and painful than these foods in public and then asking, “Is there anything on my face?” or having to dig it out for the next 20 min:

Caramel: the gooey stuff just gets stuck to you incisors.

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Fish Bones: jabbing at your gum or caught in your throat, quite piercing

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Popcorn shucks: the yellow skin that digs between the gums.


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Cotton Candy: this sweet treats sticks to you; face, hands, lips, where else?!


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Ice Cream: sliding all down your chin and on to your brand new shoes!

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BBQ Ribs & Wings: grab those ribs and a bib cause it’s gunna get all over!Go to fullsize image


Spaghetti: a fiasco when the fork misses the mouth!


Now go and enjoy your meal!

I think you got a smudge right there… now how awful is that?!


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991. Confusing Ajax cleaner for Kraft Parm cheese

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Now the bottles as you can see above are a  little off key and laying on the counter can be easily confused at quick glance and can produce deadly results.  Especially when you are coming home hungry from a long day at work.  The Kraft in the fridge and the Ajax turned sideways.  In a sleepy stupor one would realize that sprinkling Ajax on your spaghetti sauce turns the powder a blueish color…

Since when is cheese bluish green and not white?!

Always turn the can and look and for heaven’s sake leave your cleaner under the kitchen sink not on the counter.

Thanks, now I rally have to make another plate! 😦

How awful is that?!