910: The extra sauce that lingers in the carry out bag

Go to fullsize imageWhy is it that when you buy Chinese food it always seems to spill in the bag?!  No matter how careful you are to slowly go around curves or to slowly brake at red lights the sauce if delicious gooeyness just seems to get inside your bag!  Thus destroying your napkins now soaked in the gravy and all over your soy sauce and hot mustard packets!

Then when you open the container it drips all over the bag sticking to it now getting all over the table top, fingers, and hands.  Now how awfully messy is that?!

960. Getting a mystery can of shaken soda

We’ve all done it once or thought about it, just getting a can of soda and just shaking it up and popping the top to watch it explode!  The sheer excitement of watching it pour out and shoot out like fireworks is always a moment of wonder and enthusiasm.

Just don’t do it to your co-worker, friend, or family member during a serious moment in time – they’ll surely get an unplesant surprise.  [SHake] [SHAKe] [SHAKE] surprise!!!!!

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Feeling thirsty?!  Just be wary when opening up that can just handed to you!  Nothing ruins an outfit better than soda all over your clothes, fun to watch, but not wiping off your new shirt!  Now how awful is that to clean up?