924: Finding Someone’s Mail (in your Mailbox)

Go to fullsize imageOn my journey through the DC metro area my buddy and I were walking through the streets of Dupont Circle when as we were crossing the street we saw a guy pause while he was walking, look down to the ground, then walk onward.

When we came to the spot where he was we saw that he was looking at a piece of mail with someone’s name on it.  We picked it up and looked like it had sat in the dirt for a moment.  It was snow on the ground after the two most recent snow storms that blew in as of recent.  We shook off the snow and looked at the heading.

Odd why wouldn’t it have been mailed?  Right behind that mail was another piece of mail with the person’s name with a yellow “return to sender” sticker.  As I walked around the corner to see if maybe a mailbox was nearby (as if I knew the area) I saw another letter and another out in the road!  My friend yelled out there are 2 more in the street!

So here we are hopping the side street forts of snow to run out into the road to grab this unidentified person’s mail!  We finally stood at the corner and saw that they all belonged to the same person!  Who was this person?

Needless to say I took the mail home with me, I know doesn’t help with it now being 3 hours away, but I think if I take it to the post office they might be able to help the person.  I just hope they get their mail it was sent to the wrong place!

Just as bad as getting mail from your neighbor in your mailbox.  Now you have to slip it at their door or wait till when they get home and hand it to them.  Always the odd look of “Gee thanks” when they take from you.  Now how awful is that?!