854: Holiday Party Attire

Tis the season when everyone wants to crack out the old fruitcake and eggnog, so as you line up your invitations from your family party to your work party, what should you wear?!

Choices choices, but here are 3 not stray far away from:

1. Matching holiday sweaters:  sure holiday sweaters are odd and fun, but must you both humiliate yourselves to look like you came from the dark side of an elf’s closet?!  Well yeah you should that way we have visual entertainment to look at while we’re livening it up with punch and cookies!

2. Metallic glittery clothing:  The metallic shimmer is nice unless you want to signal in a plane at your local international airport, but if your clothes shed sparkles no one wants to look like they’ll lead the way on Santa’s sleigh!

3. Festive slippers/hats: seriously?!  They are more annoying because you laugh for a minute at how cute they are but when the person has to turn on their “Wish you a merry christmas” jingle bell hat 1 more time they’ll get beat with a yule log!

Have fun dressing up at your party and have an absurd time with your family and friends this winter holiday!

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855: Detangling your Holiday Lights

You set aside a day to get out the ladder, put on your rugged wear, grab your gloves, and draw up a master plan to neatly decorate the yard.  As you gather the lights and spend 10 minutes detangling the mass chaos that are the string of lights you start laying out the grand scheme design.  After a an hour or so you’re done!  As you stand back and relish your hard work you then smile and go to plug-in the lights! Half of them turn on and notice that there’s still a small knot of lights you forgot to unravel!!  How awfully disconnected are you feeling now?!


862. People with tons of sports paraphenalia

Go to fullsize imageWhy is it when you drive down the street that there has to be cars with sport teams banner logos all over their vehicles?  They have the sticker in the back window, mud flaps, sun visor, license plate protector, the flags that stick out their car window, and then the driver has a team hat on?  I get it you really support the team!  There’s nothing wrong in liking the team, but must you be secretly part of the Macy’s Day parade for the team? 

I think they might want to reconsider driving their car around the field at half time?  Even better is when you visit their office desk/home and it’s just as infested.  Really?!  Are you on their team?!  You aren’t helping the team win points by having all that stuff. I’m just waiting for the day someone steals their flags and stickers…even better when their team loses to a championship game.  How awfully supportive are you now…time to take that stuff down…