930. People who start a conversation then all of a sudden stop

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Whether it’s texting, commenting, or  instant messaging the quick messages to stop by and find out what’s happening in the lives of your friends.  It can always be a time filler for some and well a great interest of others.  Always a blast to catch up with some friends after a busy day and try to reconnect and escape the busy grind of your day.

The best part is when you are talking to someone on chat for the first time and the conversation seems to be flowing on a good wavelength and your laughing and carrying on about this that and the other.  Then all of a sudden you get (I’ll be right back and then…) SILENCE!

No real preparation just idle time waiting as you stare at the screen for 5 minutes … 10 minutes … then you just write are you there? busy? no reply…

Low and behold some two days later the person pops back up via text or IM and they don’t message you and you message them and they act like you’re bothering them.  Then they apologize and say that hey were busy and start talking like it was just nothing.  As confusion and frustration settles in you just sit there and wonder. o O (What was that all about?!)

Now how awfully.. hold on I’ll be right back

961. Getting a text in the middle of the night

Just after a long day of work you work and you are tired and sore and ready to call it a night.  You lay there reflecting on your day and you are just about to hit full on sleep mode and then the text alert sound in full sound mode blasts off…

Hello.  What r u up to?

Ok now seriously at 1:12 am?

Typing back…


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Now how awful is that?!

972. When a staff/students wants to be friends on a social site


You have a new friend request!

Oh cool, and as you check it out you realize it’s a staff member that works for you.  Do you really want to have them looking at your information?  Unless you have some secret double life where does the lie get drawn?  Yes we get along at work and I’m all about the positive work environment and fostering affluent communication, but on a social site?  To add or not to add?  What a tricky decision, more so declined.

For the educators out there (teachers, camp counselors, professors) when students want to befriend you, the question does pop in your head, but a student from say you babysat or taught in camp some 5 years ago that is now grown up? Yowsers, makes you feel a bit old – how awful is that?!

993. When a text message just doesn’t pan out in predictions

Go to fullsize imageIn this day and age where texting is quicker than writing a letter to say hello and warm thoughts, we’ve become so hooked on texting that yesterday when walking in a 6-10 step distance in the mall I saw 8 people texting and 1 person nearly walk into someone.

But in the moments where a quick salutation goes wrong and the message comes out to your friends and it reads like this:

“We still going the park is still open I say giggus when we drove by the park…”

“Ha ha ha did they like it?  Did your bro use the “it’s been a while” line? I calvay learned a new rape game.  I’ll have to show ya when ya get back…”

“Hey bussy how are you doin’?  Wanna gang out?”

“Can we get a coffee makes in the office with the bookshelf?  It’ll be le bitro patches!”

from TLN.com (see below) “dude, this chick has 3-ply toilet paper. wiped my ass with a cloud.”

just be careful what ya send I don’t think you want to get a “huh?” reply when you have to log back into your outbox and see what weirdness that was sent out…

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Now how awful is that?!

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